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Save money

someone knows how to save money on the fiverr acount? If you know how, tell me please.

Save money? i have not yet heard about that. Instead of saving, you can just choose to invest it by buying some gigs for your online business

Why would you want to save money on a Fiverr account? Just transfer it to your bank account and let it sit where it’s safer.

Emma’s Top Tip Corner, vol. 34

Worried about overspending on Fiverr and need to save your hard-earned dollars? Simply only buy $5 gigs, then demand refunds once an order is complete on a technicality. This will ensure that your $5 goes much further than just one measly gig, and you teach lazy sellers the ethical value of hard work for hard work’s sake.

I assume that’s what you mean, as your question makes little sense in any other context.

You must be brave. You don’t fear hackers?