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Save my gig and i also save your gig

i am new here plz help me

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What for? It’s not going to help you to rank your gig or in any other way.


i save your gig now you save my gig

whats the way madem plz help me

So you will bookmark someone else gig and how that will help you?


Well, my gig impressions surged up by around 500 the day when my gig was saved by a person on this platform. I could be totally wrong though but it was very abrupt change and only thing that had happened to have caused this was my gig being saved.

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If bookmarking gigs did have a huge influence on gig performance, favorite exchange would be considered manipulation, and strictly forbidden.

Offer something that people need, be good at what you do, and be honest. For example, your logo design gig image might make people think that you wouldn’t be any good at it, and your gig description is copied from someone else, so potential buyers might think that you’d just steal design from the internet and sell it to them. Also, your gig description isn’t consistent with your offering (3 revisions, as it says in the package, or unlimited, as you state in the gig description?).


catwriter just gave you the best help you could get at this stage of your fiverr career. Will you listen to her?

Or will you keep trying to use a trick that won’t get you a sale?

The way to get a sale is to be good at what you do and have a gig that shows that. It sounds like you need to do something other than try a trick. Tricks do not work.

Using the name google in your gig image and showing it in different colors is not a logo you should be using if you mean that as an example of your work. But it will warn away anyone who wants a quality logo at least.


Hi there @imrananp, I hope you’re doing all right? But what could you possibly do with my Gigs if I saved yours?? Not that I can, but what if… ??

Good luck,

Warmly, Humberto


Bookmarking each other gigs is useless…

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whats the way mam please help me

It doesn’t look like you read all the answers.
@catwriter already gave you few pretty good advices to you.


Reminds me of a quote from one of my favourite books:

“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.”

The cliffs from Catwriter’s post:

  • Be honest when using work examples and texts
  • Be good at what you do and demonstrate your skills as concretely as possible
  • Make your Gig text consistent

I see you haven’t followed all of her advice, so put it into practice and then ask for more advice.


It looks like the OP wants advice just from you. The rest of us are not worthy of his attention. :smile_cat:


It’s because OP wants “tips and tricks” not a solid advices that are difficult to follow :grin:


Indeed, “stop stealing gig descriptions from others” is too difficult to follow.

Reporting stolen description might help OP understand that stealing isn’t allowed.

EDIT: by the way, these stolen gig descriptions are beyond ridiculous. In one of them, OP even kept the name of the real seller!


You have the name of someone in your description which is not you.
You have mentioned having thousands of reviews but you do not have any.
Your descriptions are copies of other seller’s gigs.
You have the URL of a website in your first image.

Your description says:

I am a Professional logo Designer with 3-year Experience in logo design on Fiverr. I am managing many successful gigs with 2.6k+ positive feedback’s and I have completed more than 2.7k+ orders on this forum

But you just began this month with zero reviews. Do you see how this seems odd?


“You may not create a false identity on Fiverr, misrepresent your identity, create a Fiverr profile for anyone other than yourself (a real person), or use or attempt to use another user’s account or information; Your profile information, including your description, skills, location, etc., while may be kept anonymous, must be accurate and complete and may not be misleading, illegal, offensive or otherwise harmful.”

The above is listed as a violation in the Terms of Service.

Based on what @misscrystal has posted above (copied) from your gig description suggest you carefully read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page as a violation can risk your account.


Not going to happen, and we all know it.


Save my gig and i’ll save yours is a step away from, buy my gig and i’ll buy yours. We need more honest sellers and buyers on Fiverr to ensure that business runs smoothly for all parties involved.

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