Save my money in fiverr for long time


Hi Guys,
I need to know is that okay for me to save my money here in fiverr from my income,
I’m planning on saving my income until mid 2017, is that okay?


you can leave your income as long as you like but it’s a good idea to withdraw it occasionally just in case something happens to your account and you can’t get access to it when you need it.


Why? What if someone hacks into your account? You’re done.


Thanks guys. :smiley:
I just need to know this, if I withdraw it,
I will use it, and I need to save money to get married this mid 2017 hehehe


Yikes! Aren’t people entitled to the income they earned on Fiverr even if their account is closed for whatever reason?


They are after 90 days.


where is this information come from?
well sadly.

ia this valid info my friend?



owh its if the account was disable? okay my friend
Thanks for the information.


@solwonder. I am keenly following on this. I want to be sure a seller’s money is safe and can be channeled to a seller’s withdrawal means in case something happens.


Not necessarily. It depends on each individual case. Sometimes the money will not be released at all after a user gets banned for breaking TOS. For example if there are inconsistencies with the identity, location etc.


I agree. -thanks for sharing your thoughts :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You are right, this why I love forum so many people sharing here.



If I needed the money for something as important as a wedding, I’d be sure to withdraw it every time I had $50-100 and minimize fees. Then just hold it in PayPal or wherever until you really need it. Yes, it takes more self discipline. Imagine if you have to choose between working on your self discipline and getting married - or - relying on Fiverr to hold your money out of your wallet but risking losing it. If you lose it, you may be exchange plastic rings and wearing old blue jeans. :slight_smile:


scary :pensive: 2020202020