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Save your 100\'s of $ by avoiding scam

Here i see lots of gigs who are just scam buyers not only $5 or 10 they will take your $100 even $200 just miss guided you i am talking about the guest posting service on The Huffing ton post if you know little bit about seo and and content marketing you will know the value of one link back from huff post but if it will will Genuine yes i must continue my words Genuine few sellers those who offer guest posting on huff post they are just using beta testing feature of this site which will allow any one to post but the issue is the article you will post over that platform hard to index or very low chance to be be published into the main site so think twice before throwing your $$$ .

The Huffington Post is a scam. You could have known this like… with a tiny amount of research. Next you’ll be revealing that a Buzzfeed community post is worth less than the stinky one you dropped yesterday.

What’s your point? Did you not get rich and famous off one $5 gig or? Places like HP, BF etc depend on people like you while getting $$$ from Toyota or whatever to feature their latest whatever in their shitty clickbait thing.

I actually enjoy Buzzfeed, it’s amazing what they get away with.

i never mean hp is a scam but post from contributor ac using their beta testing is worthless yes buzzfeed even medium will be more effective that that.