Saved $350 thanks to Fiverr Forum 😀


I was just about to buy Windows 10 and MS Office pack for my old desktop computer, which I rarely use when @wuerz123 told me why I didn’t have to. I just updated my old computer with the latest Windows updates for Windows 7, activated the firewalls, antivirus and cleaned it up, and it’s as good as new. So how much did I save? $350! Yeehhhh! Even got the quote for that from a local computer shop. Thanks @wuerz123 :smiley:


Remember the coffee… :wink:


Or even better you could use any Linux distro, I prefer Ubuntu and as your word processing software, you can use open office writer. Linux is free from viruses (at least on paper) it’s all free, it’s fast and it even works fast on lower spec PC’s.

In my country is actually common to use pirated OS, except in companies because they are checked on regular basis. :slight_smile:


I am posting this here just for writer, because, the screenshot says it all.

This is a BR. lol




@writer99025 That’s enough internet for today. :joy:


Lol !! :joy::joy: he really did leave an example for all. :smiley:


And everyone lived happily ever after. - Especially the 30,000 people who now had direct access to all Writer99025’s banking details, at home network traffic, and web browsing history.

Tell me, Writer. Did you read the T&C’s before upgrading? Or did your whole body just ache for the chance to see what live tiles are all about?

Also, who on Earth would pay $350 to upgrade an old computer to Windows 10? No wonder your family worries about you so much…


it’s too much odd :slight_smile:


What? I don’t understand this.[quote=“cyaxrex, post:9, topic:145563”]
who on Earth would pay $350 to upgrade an old computer to Windows 10

Why not? I’m sure lots of people do that. Why so critical?


Because you would be better off just buying a new computer with Win 10 pre-installed for the same price but with better specifications.


I think you saved yourself a lot of trouble, too. I hear Windows 10 is a pain :slight_smile:


That’s great :slight_smile: how are you doing on Fiverr?