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Saving all conversations

Hi Guys, I’m new here and would like to know how can I retrieve and save all conversations since the first line I started.
The Fiverr instructions is no real and cannot load the first conversations with a seller.
My suggestions are to make available and/ or that fiverr can send us an email with all conversations after closing and delivering the job.
Another thing to improve, there is no fiverr contact or customer service available for the customers.

All conversations are saved in your inbox. I can’t quite understand the rest of your complaint though.


To see the messages from the beginning of your conversation that are not in your view in a message thread scroll up to the top of your messages and you will see a place that says ”view previous messages.” Click that and you will find more of your conversation.

The customer service link is at the bottom of the Fiverr home page in the black area.

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No, I can’t see all conversations at inbox, only the last page. So the seller wrote something that he is not doing completely.

If you go to the top of the page, there should be a button there that is labeled “Load More”

Click that and you can see more earlier conversations.

Yes, i can go up and see “LOAD EARLIER MESSAGES” only once. I have more messages before it and I don’t have again the option to load earlier messages.
Thanks to try to help me

I do suggest that fiverr offer us the option to save in our devices before they will delete it or maintain all conversations to be fair.

It might be something on your end. I have all my inbox conversations saved unless I decide to delete them.

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