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Saving Gig Bug


When I go to edit a gig, the save feature doesn’t always work. I’ll make the changes, click save, and then it just keeps telling me it’s saving without ever being completed. I end up having to refresh the page and make my changes again with the hopes that the save button will work. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.


Same here, I spent 3 hours adding a new gig this morning, saving and refreshing, then editing again, over and over until it finally worked out.


Same for me. I have found that it works better if I just make one single tiny change, save it, get out of the editing page and back on it again for the next tiny change. It feels like such a huge waste of time, but it actually goes a little bit faster than doing those big changes at once, and then doing them over again and again.


same here, its been long, waiting to see gig go live. when I click on save button,


Same for me , it takes a huge amount of time to edit my gig .

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I guess fiverr programmers are in difficult phase, so many complaints…