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Saving Money 💰

Dude, you’re awesome.

Me too! Ever since I was a kid I have loved to save up, I actually enjoy it. I got the habit from my mom. I never find it difficult to save up, TBH. I still spend some money to have fun, but on the other hand I am calculative as well. I have been tasting my ˝hard work˝ by being able to get retired early. Don´t get me wrong, I am not a billionaire whatsoever. I am just in the phase where I don´t have to work for a living anymore and my saving is enough for until I die someday. I don´t gamble, so I think I will stay safe. :slight_smile:

NB: My husband´s saving is a different story. He also gives me monthly money that I never ask for (I use the money wisely for us and for the dogs and manage to save up every month). But actually I can live with or without his money. I am just so good at saving up. I don´t get tempted with stuff like botox, filler, make-up kits, fast fashioin industry, etc, you get the gist.


Is it from our brand? Lol jk.

It’s lovely to see folks doing so well, and I’m sure this will give a number of new sellers inspiration for the future. :slight_smile:

However, can I just add that a number of posters on this thread have given potential scammers every reason to target their accounts - not necessarily to steal any available funds, but to fraudulently advertise their accounts for sale in dodgier corners of the internet. This is a public forum, and everybody in internet land can read it, and identify the posters, and their accounts.

We may not all remember this story from fairly recently:

The banks are running TV campaigns here at the moment to remind us all about financial scams - please don’t set yourself up as a potential target because you’re doing well on Fiverr!

Edited - sorry - I posted the wrong link, corrected now!


Good point. That’s why it’s also vital to protect yourself online:

  • Use a password manager to create a unique, strong password for every website (LastPass is great, and it’s free).
  • Turn on “Two Factor Authentication” whenever you can.
  • Install good anti-malware and firewall software.
  • Regularly look over your bank accounts and financial details for any odd activity.
  • Use common sense online.



Great tips Paul! :slight_smile:

TBH - it was your post which concerned me the most - you’re using your full, real name, a real photo, and have given details of all your investments etc.


Based on what I’ve seen so far, you seem like a genuinely good guy. I enjoy reading your posts. :slight_smile:

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I understand :slight_smile: I’ve always been pretty transparent about stuff, and I do try and take care online.

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You’re very kind - just trying to help out other freelancers on the path to financial and employment independence. It’s made such a difference to my life, I just want to spread the love. :smiley: