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Say bye for your problems

the happiness and the sorrow of life ,the problems that you face it make you capable to advice person from your personal life how they must react in front of their problems

sooooo im here for helping you

dont worry about your problems the solution is here tell me all thing that make you confused and unhappy and i promise you that i will help you because your satisfaction is my first objective

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I wouldn’t tell my problems and things that make me unhappy to a random person from the internet and even paying for it, but good luck with it!

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there is person who like a little advice that can help him
thank you

Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

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what Kind of problems…???
many newbies here, have problems/…you are first newbie who have SOLUTION…good…
and WELCOME… :+1:

social problems,couple problems,family problems…

Yes people like genuine advice if it’s from people that they know and trust.