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Say No To Every Long Term "Employment Opportunity" For Your Own Safety


Just a quick tip. Someone posted a few days ago about a buyer wanting to add the sellers bio to their web development website. My advice to the seller was that this was probably a scam. Now today, I am certain of this. This is because, over the past 24 hours, I have received 2 similar messages myself.

So, to keep this sweet and simple, if a buyer or person messaging says they have lots of work and need any kind of personal data or for you to sign an employment contract, IT IS A SCAM.

Fiverr is not a place where any business owner in their right mind would seek to hire full-time employees or advertise an individual sellers bio to their end customers.

I know that it can be easy to feel tempted by the idea of regular work but as a rule, JUST SAY NO.



Thank you for this tip.



I demand that you also post a “Sis, Just say no.” :smiling_imp:



The whole thing seemed rather “unorthodoxed” from the beginning to me. What I like about 5r is my ability to choose wide range of talents, at any given time, from anywhere around the world.

Even if it turns into a long term thing, there is no contract or a way to enforce it; therefore not safe to assume the pay will be regular.


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I have seen firms in the Netherlands advertising that they have a web designer from Vietnam or India or any other country. They do that so they can show that they can compete on price (not the best strategy, but who am I). Being mentioned on a website of a client doesn’t need to be a problem. I know people working together internationally like this for a long time. And these people sometimes ‘met’ each other in stranger places than Fiverr.

However, it is strange if somebody offers to put you on the website if you have done less than some months worth of work for them. If somebody spends $x000s on you, and you have a good relationship, then sure, why not. Don’t forget, there are people marrying someone they met through the internet.


Thanks for this information


You make an excellent point. After working with someone for awhile, know the quality of work and timeliness, I could see how that would be possible.


This is the important bit. Random strangers, definitely not.