Say No to FREE Work


A Buyer has gone mad when I refuse to send him FREE work. He got abusive.


What you wanted to say is that the buyer got abusive, not you. But yes, s/he did.
I hope you reported her/him to Customer Support.

Forum rules though say you aren´t allowed to post such screenshots unless you blur the name of the people featured and anything else that might make them identifiable; you should edit your screenshot so that one can´t see the buyer’s name. Of course do not blur the buyer’s name in the screenshot you send to Customer Support! :wink:


You F****** Rude Ass! You should assure their satiesfaction​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for the information.


You know what I do when someone asks me for free sample. I send them one of my previous jobs. Never will I ever again start a job of any kind before getting notified by fiverr that the buyer has made an actual order.


I already have sent him my previous samples but I think he is just trying to get his work done for free.


Do the work first, and I’ll pay for it if I like it?

I wonder if he says the same to his dentist.


Hahaha :joy:
That is exactly my point here


Buyers like these are cancer to Fiverr Market place !!! :confused:

though you should’ve blur the name .

its against fiverr rules


I wanted to keep the name clear so that everyone can be aware of this buyer but Fiverr has some strange rules.


your professionalism needs more work

Ah, this is idiocy. They want free work from a professional without paying and when they don’t get it they accuse a professional of not being professional.

This chap is a moron–yet another example of someone with a vast expanse of air between their ears and a pebble of a brain ricocheting around. It’s not really their fault that they’re terminally stupid from all the brain damage they’ve sustained. Perhaps we should pity them.


I’ve learned that when buyer ask for revisions before ordering - THIS IS TIME TO RUN. I feel sorry for you, that you had to deal with such a person.


These kinds of buyers can never be satisfied. They move around destroying sellers’ reviews. We know they pay for their work to be done, but they should understand that sellers do have feelings too.

If you look carefully, most of them place orders between $5 - $10, but want a quality equivalent to that of $50.


I wish I had read this comment before I took an order from a certain someone. Would have saved me a LOT of trouble.


That is very insightful. I’ve been at zero revisions long enough, few ask me anymore.

That said, it does mean the buyer either doesn’t know what they want, they don’t have confidence I can deliver, or they are looking to get some extra work free.

Certainly a red flag when that happens before the first order.

I love the sellers who say “Unlimited Revisions” and then complain when someone takes advantage of that policy.