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Saying Goodbye to the TRS

I already had one cancellation last month due to a buyer’s negligence. Now, I have another. This buyer asks me if I can do this something, and I flat out told him I didn’t think I was suitable for the job (due to the nature of the topic) and that I would not be able to assist him.


Then, to top it all off, the client order on my press release gig; sends me a white paper that has very little to do with the topic he asks me to write about - something even more confusing to me. When I ask him specifically what he’s looking for - because at this point I’ve no clue - he says he wants an article on the topic previously mentioned using the white paper to be set up for a press release.


I’ve no clue. So, I’ve had to put in for a cancellation request, asking him that in the future when a seller says they don’t feel comfortable with a topic, it would help both parties involves not to waste the other’s time. I’ve sat here for an hour reading this white paper, and I’m as lost on the subject than I was BEFORE I read it… In fact, my head frigging hurts because of it.

I know this will push me under 90% and, if it doesn’t, I’ll be shocked. I haven’t had many orders recently, especially as I upped my prices. Again, the only real thing I’ll miss about being a TRS is the weekly withdrawals. That was nice!


Hi, you’ve been here a remarkable 7.5 years. And looking briefly at all your recent reviews it looks like you get quite a few orders. So two cancellations in 60 days shouldn’t put you under a 90% completion rate unless there were several more you didn’t mention.

I’m guessing you get around 50 orders per month so if that is correct you would need over 5 cancellations in two months to lose a level due to being under 90%.


Actually, I get around 20 to 25 - give or take since I upped the price. But, I do a lot of large bulk orders - e-books, 10 to 20 articles a project. I have one client who orders on a weekly basis. (He’s the one that said his visitors love the content I write.)

The client just agreed to cancel and it brought it down 1% point. Color me shocked. I was flabbergasted because I know I haven’t gotten as many orders recently as I did previously when my gigs were $5 for 500 words. Whew… safe for now.


Good, you shouldn’t lose TRS because of this! It’s vastly unfair.


The sheer audacity of that buyer to even order after I explained that I didn’t feel comfortable with the subject and I couldn’t assist him. And, trying to understand - just an iota of what he was trying to get me to do was making my head hurt and spin.

So, when I put in the cancellation request, I advised him that next time, it would be best to wait and order until he was sure the seller could do what was being asked of them on the topic so as not to waste theirs or the buyer’s time.

The hour I spent could have been spent elsewhere.

Glad that that’s over… for now.

Glad to hear that!
I really hate that just a couple of cancellations can be enough to demote people. For someone like you who does bulk orders, it makes little sense for a couple of orders to have that power.


This is why I don’t like monthly evaluations! While I can understand a three or even six-month evaluation, a monthly one is going to lead to unfair demotions. Even now, I work just to work for myself but the reality is that Fiverr - at least in my eyes - isn’t a freelancing platform anymore. I mean it is but it isn’t. The standards it requires make me feel as if I’m at a job - like the one I have at the school.

I’m not quite sure if I’m explaining that right or not…

Does that make any sense at all?


I get what you mean and my advice/my own approach, is to try to keep the stats in green from my side and if things beyond my control happen then there’s nothing I can do about those. I won’t do a ton of extra work to avoid a cancellation or any other silly things like that.
From there, whatever happens happens and I am not worried about it.

My rationale is that keeping the stats green and ensuring I do my best is good for my clients which ultimately will be good for me too as it encourages repeats etc. Anything that happens that I cant do anything about is irrelevant to my business approach and I won’t lose sleep over it. Essentially, I see that as Fiverr’s issue to sort out as it is their system which would not be working as intended. Leveling up to TRS got me a few “Congrats” messages and made it seem like I got a double week wages one week (as orders cleared quicker) but aside from that, I see no real difference.
It won’t worry me to lose it, should that happen.



Ok, sorry.
It won’t worry me to lose it, shouldwhen that happens

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I do get what @eoinfinnegan means. I just do what is right, and if I lose it, so be it. I’ll get it back. Most of my business is repeat buyer who wouldn’t probably even notice.

I wonder if not considering the possible loss of it to be catastrophic may lead you to stand up to bad buyers a bit more. I’ll give up TRS for a month and dry my tears with their money as opposed to backing down and cancelling just to avoid the hit on my metrics.


God forbid…

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I dont know that one, will this one do?


I’m lucky that most of my clients (and, I do mean 99% of them) are some very understanding clients. I’ve had some issues with buyers but have been able to settle them fairly. For example, a buyer wants a research article and orders on my rewrite gig. Well, I don’t have a research article. In most cases, I offer to do the work for a larger price and extended timeframe. They agree and that’s that! Win-Win!

My biggest loss of the TRS would be the weekly withdrawals… other than that, I doubt I’d see a big difference. It took me 3+ years to get TRS. If I keep it fine. If I don’t, well… balls. Maybe I’d get it back.

I just figured with less orders coming in and this new - second - cancellation, I was no longer going to be a TRS as of March 15/16.


I’m curious about this whole cancellation issue. I agree with @newsmike 100%. I just do what I think I should, and do the best I can. So be it. But I was thinking the other day about this and wondering if putting something in the gig description like this may help? (If I am off here, I apologize)

“By ordering this gig, you agree that seller will only provide material that is covered in gig description. Buyer agrees any orders that request work not included in the gig description will receive delivery of " 5 minutes of various voice over recordings of sellers previous work”.

Then you can deliver as approved by your buyer. Hypothetically, Fiverr CS wouldn’t allow a cancellation because the 1) Project was delivered as per order 2) Buyers cannot cancel orders based upon quality. I may be WAY out in left field on this one, but I was curious on thoughts.

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Bless you my son, may your tribe increase. Go forth and enunciate. If only more would realize the path to enlightenment.

Otherwise, interesting theory, but your buyer may likely argue that whatever they want is within the scope of your gig.

OK, I have only done this a couple times, but I had someone order something completely off base from what I offer. I outsourced to someone who does that particular thing and still made money on the deal. My buyer was happy, no harm.

Just sayin. (In case that admission is a violation of TOS, please note that I am a compulsive liar and make stories up just to look cool.)


Another user has said he is doing this and has claimed to have had success with it.
Not sure how it would go though - I think it would put me off ordering to see someone as combative and seemingly argumentative as that. Buyers dont understand why cancelling is such a big issue - that is the crux of it. Not cancelling seems crazy when it is a mistake or when a seller says they can’t do something.

You need more stories, its not working.

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This was my first thought too. If I saw that on one persons gig, but none others, I could mistake that for the wrong tone as well.

We know.


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