Scam alert? What do you think?


So I received this from the seller I posted about earlier. I told him that I won’t mark the order is complete until there is a finished product and that if I mark the order as complete he could just run off with my money without consequences.



Scam Alert! I would immediately hit the “Modification” button. This is against Fiverr’s TOS and should be reported to customer support.


Thanks for the Input! I have two other orders with him as well though. I understand this is against TOS but what I would like to see is where he takes this. Once I told him I wouldn’t be completing the unfinished order he responded with an ok I understand. His credentials checked out on other forums as a reputable programmer and his previous work is legit as well. So I’m wanting to see if this was merely a foolish mess up or if he is legit a scammer.

If he tries it again or makes up an excuse I will report it.


That’s very odd. If he wanted more time, he could have easily asked you for more time through the resolution center. Certainly wishing you luck on this one. Hope everything plays out to your satisfaction.
Glad you requested the modification. Good luck!


I wouldn’t want to get the message from a seller you got.
I would cancel any order that went late. Sellers know when delivery time is and they also can adjust their delivery times to anything they want. I would cancel an order if I got a message like that.


So here we are again, round two, lol, I already extended it by three more days and he did send me screenshots of his work although they weren’t at all what I wanted. He instead made the app for a different utility and not the one I told him I wanted. He said this was merely an example and proof that he was working on the project. Then I get this message, that he needs to extend at least one more day, so I offered to give him 3 more days but no more.

And then he says he needs to buy a software to finish the project and that if I confirmed one of the orders it would be enough for him to buy it. So I told him no way Josè! You get the software you need not me I will extend the time but nothing more.

After this debacle I will see what his response is, and I may be contacting Fiverr support if he doesn’t deliver.

I even offered to see which software he needed and that maybe I already had it as I buy tons of different programming softwares anyways. No response yet we shall see.


Yeah looks like he wants to close orders and have funds clear so he can purchase the software he needs to complete your order?

Let’s set aside the fact that this is an unacceptable service experience and completely unprofessional, for a second.

That would mean that after the order is closed, the seller would have to wait 14 days for his funds to be cleared for withdrawal.

I say contact customer support, get a refund.


OP, why haven’t you contacted customer support yet? I don’t understand that.


:izakaya_lantern: :izakaya_lantern: Thats a red alert scam :izakaya_lantern: :izakaya_lantern:


Well i am a seller and i know my time frame and speed of work,This is not professional behaviour, I’d rather cancel order or extend the time frame with buyer’s explicit consent,If i deliver my orders like this my customers will force me to kick off from here :stuck_out_tongue: Sellers should understand if they are not able to complete the work they should certainly change the time frame…

I assume he is trying to get the money and he doesn’t care about the feedback anyway its the best option to take these screenshots and ask customer support because its not allowed on fiverr to deliver false or incomplete work.

You paid already and you demand work is absolutely correct, If he fails to deliver on time its his headache not yours, DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OF HIS DELIVERY talk to CS :slight_smile:


Believe me he’s not getting any money from this, just as much as he is trying to scam me apparently, the least I can do is keep wasting his time. Eventually in three days if a legitimate product isn’t produced rest assured I will contact support. I just want to see where he takes this lol like why would an app developer not have software to make his apps…


Another problem I’m facing is that all of the offers I’m getting for my app request is that everyone wants to charge me $5000,$10,000 or $20,000 to design it and I’m like…I didn’t come on fiverr to pay these kinds of prices whenever I’d be better to take those types of figures to a digital design firm.


Yeah, maybe Fiverr is not the place for such a major app design. I don’t know, but you’re wasting your time trying to get things done cheap by an obvious scammer. I’m no expert, but when you’re getting an app designed, you should want to have more control over the process.


Sounds ridiculous to me, as if I told a customer I can´t finish their translation because I need to wait for funds to clear so I can buy a program to convert their PDF to Word. If I don´t have that program, I´ll have to find other ways to pay for it, before I can take on a job that requires me to use a program I don´t have.
As a buyer I´d probably agree to extend delivery period, if a seller asked me because they got sick or some other unexpected reason I can comprehend, but extending because they need money to buy something they knew, or should have known, they´ll need in order to do the job? The business conduct surely is odd, as Anna put it, to say it mildly.

And the budget problem is another thing indeed, of course it might well not be possible to get the same quality for 500$ as for 5000$, but you should get whatever in that field 500$ would buy you, and not weird excuses to extend the agreed upon delivery time. (prices just as an example)


Thanks! Once again he made the app, sorry he didn’t make it he just uploaded some pictures which don’t prove anything. And now he’s asking for an API to finish the project but lol he’s supposed to make the API. It’s one thing after the other I’m pretty sure Fiverr support is just reading the entire conversations and is just like when is this guy going to stop wasting time on this loser lol


Well the seller replied finally with a “finished” product. I still haven’t been able to test it, so short story here: The seller sent me three custom gigs to make me an app for iOS and android and then publish it. So finally the seller said he was done and that I should accept the order so I can test it. So I accepted one of the orders and gave him 4/5 stars. He complained with this response:

I’m still covered under TOS if after the order is completed Fiverr has 14 days to review if the anything was against TOS or if the item wasn’t delivered as described etc. I’m just hoping this guy actually plays ball here. I’m sure a lot of you have been cringing at this thread lol. Thanks for the support and advice though


Why you are still at it with that seller is beyond me at this point…

Unless he’s the only guy who quoted you like $40 for a $5000 project, it makes 0 sense. :slight_smile:

At least you are making progress.(?!)


As a seller it happened to me recently to don’t be able to deliver my work within the 2 days that’s specified in my gig. So what I did?
I knew from the first time when the order was placed that I might not be able to deliver it in time and I even warned my buyer this might be happening but she told me okay, no problem at all.
The order was running and I really hoped that I could manage my time to be able to deliver the order in time. I don’t sell anything if it’s not perfect. Honestly I think I care more about the reviews than money because great reviews are a high chance to earn more the future
So the countdown was still running, I had like 10 more hours or something like that to be able to deliver the gig and I decided to ask the buyer for a time extension and guess what happened? BUYER WAS UNREACHABLE, I couldn’t keep in touch with her because she was offline lots of hours.
So in the meanwhile I’ve finished the order but with a dispute opened I couldn’t do anything so I’ve decided to withdraw my time extension proposal and guess what happened. MY ORDER WAS MARKED AS LATE! lol. I mean if I would deliver something partially and after that the rest of the order then this wouldn’t happen to me but I was fair.
I was so upset at first but at least I got a 5 star review and a happy buyer. I am more than thankful.

What I’m trying to say is that this kind of begging is so unprofessional so it would be for your best to stay away from those kind of people.


I already put in my ticket to customer service but they told me to reach an understanding with the seller first. They said then that after the order was completed if the seller still hadn’t delivered as promised they would review the order.

I paid about $700 total for a job that should cost $2000 so yea it’s whatever. I’m not too worried as this seller has broken TOS too many times to count.