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Scam and Spam Messages

Hi I am a new seller and I keep receiving scam and spam messages saying either join me on ■■■■■ I have a business proposal for you and messages with outside links to other sites and I refuse to reply to these types of messages and I keep getting negative feedback from you guys just cause I don’t respond to them. I don’t think it is fair to grade your sellers based on messages especially with 100% of the messages I have received are scams and nothing to do with what I am selling.


Hi there! Welcome to the community! Sorry you’re getting inundated with scam/spam messages. None of us like dealing with them.

I would recommend approaching it differently. Just respond in a “auto response template” something to the extent of “I can’t do that, it’s against Fiverr’s terms of service” and then report the message to Customer Support. That way they can no longer contact you, you’ve alerted Fiverr to the issue, and you don’t get penalized for non-response!

Hope that helps!


thanks for this :+1:

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You’re very welcome!

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As someone who is a new seller, I ABSOLUTELY understand your problem. I was being hounded by spammers 2-3x a day, each time I was excited that I might have gotten a REAL gig but it turned out to be a spammer/scammer.

Don’t worry about it, they eventually disappear (though I don’t know why, I think Fiverr’s algorithms change who they see or they might target new users to try and prey on naive members).

So in the mean time just simply write something like this immediately to anyone not directly messaging you about a gig (it will show in the messages which gig they messaged you about, if there is none they just messaged you directly).

“Hi there, thanks for reaching out to me! If you are looking to communicate outside of Fiverr, or are looking to offer me a job that is not related to my Gigs, I regret to inform you I am not interested. Thanks!”

Usually, they always never replied or said: “what?” and I repeated the message and they left me alone.

Good luck bmadsen, I hope you get your first couple of gigs soon!


I just created my seller account with Fiverr yesterday, and in the middle of the night, I got spammed with like 8 messages. All but 1 gave me the “you can no longer respond to this user” or something like that, and the 1 other one I was able to message, and they eventually said they wanted to talk on Google Hangouts. First red flag for me was all the usernames were just like, a name or word followed by numbers. None of them had profile pictures, either. Also, who even uses Google + any more? I’m assuming this isn’t normal, to get a request to do a Google Hangouts phone call.


Getting the same thing! It’s always over Google Hangouts.

In general, it helps to respond to these messages, just to keep your response rate good. Like others have said, a canned response is best here. Then report them!

Sorry to hear about all the spam though, that’s so annoying!


I got this too and my response time crashed. Help me Fiverr!