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Scam artist cancelling my order with the wrong reason

I thought I should order some art from this person a while ago, but the prices were outside of my range back when I first messaged them. I expressed this and we parted ways for a while. A few months go by and they contacted me asking if I had any work for them. Long story short I eventually agreed to get something worth $40 instead of the initial $120- lineart instead of a full body with color. I found it difficult to say ‘no’ as I like supporting artists but in hindsight, I should have stuck to my guns.

I asked for sketches along the way SEVERAL times, even when they asked for an extension but got NOTHING. Two days before the due date they send me this monstrosity. I also pasted the initial ‘reference’ I used when we started the order. The bottom image is the one they stole off the internet and heavily edited.

They claimed this was a draft sketch!? Seriously…

Now, prior to this, I was talking to my artist friend and upon looking at this seller’s gigs she mentioned there was something ‘sketchy’ about their artwork. We decided to reverse image search their pictures but they didn’t come up so I was still holding on to hope. When I received my ‘order’ I knew there was something 100% wrong. Another friend said I should flip the images and try searching for them again. Lo and behold! I found 99% of the original artists and contacted them in private about the art theft.

I also called out the seller because I also found the original art which they stole for my request, seen above.

I then went to customer support and reported them, with screenshots of their stolen art + the original art. I disputed the order and the reason I gave was that the seller was a scammer with additional proof of the original artwork used for their gig. The seller denied my request, but they made a new one themselves. Their reasoning was “The requested service wasn’t included in the original order”.

As you can see, there’s a lot of back and forth. What should I do in this instance? Of course, I want my money back, but I don’t want customer support to see their reasoning and leave it at that, since it’s false. I want them to see my reasoning and take this user down before they scam someone else.

Again, I also submitted a ticket, but I don’t know how responsive support will be in this case.


So sorry to hear, that you had this negative experience :worried:
Now you should wait until CS will reply to you - due to Pandemia, they reply slowly, so it can take 1-2 weeks, but you should wait. You will get your money back, I am sure, but I think, that they will not block this seller - he will only get a warning (not sure in this, because it also depends on the opinion of a CS team member, who will cooperate with you)
Anyway, I wish you good luck and wish you at least get your money.
It’s very sad, but the reputation of really good sellers suffer because of people like this seller


The issues here is that on the order itself it says

“Please note: The order will be automatically cancelled on Jul 24, 06:57 AM if you don’t respond to the request.”

I don’t know what will happen if I wait for CS. Will the order auto-cancel? In who’s favor?

Thanks for taking your time to read my lengthy message <3!

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If you sent them proof about the flipped images, they probably will be very responsive, however, due to copyright and privacy policies, they won’t really be able to tell you much, apart from thanks to alerting us to this. Pretty sure you’ll get a refund and the seller will be in trouble.

Support response times seem to be slow due to COVID and the influx of new users, so you might need a bit of patience.

I guess it might generally not be a good idea to order from someone who contacts you to order from them, that’s considered spam and not allowed, and chances are that people who don’t respect some rule don’t respect other rules (like copyright, IP) too.

There are many great artists here but it can take time and effort to find them. Image research with flipped images is a great idea. I’d also often wondered about rotated profile images, never sure if that’s to keep people from finding the photo via image search, or they just think it’s artsy, or sticks out among all the normally aligned ones.

You can probably keep declining the cancellation request until support gets around to your ticket.

If you accept the cancellation request or let it auto-cancel, you’ll get a refund, the seller will take a slight hit to their order completion rate, but if you contacted support anyway about this, whatever they’ll do should take precedence, whether that means correcting the cancellation reason, issuing a warning to the seller, or else.


Oh the rotated profile pictures aren’t something I noticed, maybe I just missed them entirely! But I’ll definitely check them out if I come across someone with one. If they’re flipped upside down then it’ll be easier to spot them. But if they’re flipped left or right it’s difficult to really tell whether the artwork is stolen or not.

I know for sure I’ll trust my gut next time. The reason why I eventually agreed to a commission was because I knew COVID hit a lot of people and I thought that I could support the community I love. Honest to God I initially thought they were down on their luck…

Thank you so much for clearing up how CS works, it definitely cleared the air for me a little bit!


Don’t worry. Fiverr is buyer-sided. You will definitely get your way!

That’s what I was talking about during Icebreaker event a week ago. Scam artists (also charging a lot sometimes) with stolen art. A lot of them. I hope Fiverr will have some quality control soon, because seeing these Photoshop monkeys and disappointed buyers who often leave Fiverr after some experiences like this really makes me upset.

I hope CS will help you in the best way possible and ban this seller. <3

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Yes, there are few people do this kind of things i also faced same issue form some buyers.