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Scam artist transcription re-seller


I need to vent because for the first time here I’ve had a truly horrid experience with a buyer. Who is actually a seller. Basically, they re-sell their transcription jobs via the buyers request section. I have seen this person posting buyer requests (often multiples at a time) and figured they must be reputable if they get that many orders. So I applied for a couple of gigs and didn’t get one until last night.

After some back and forth, we agreed I’d do an audio edit of a transcript. The first red flag. She orders the wrong gig instead of the custom offer I sent her. Admittedly, she told me the transcript was done by a machine and perhaps it was my error for not realizing that meant it was complete crap. Once I got into the transcript and realized I’d be recreating the whole thing from scratch basically I seriously thought about cancelling the order. The only reason I didn’t cancel is because she told me she’d already been cancelled on by another seller for this same project (and understandably the original transcript was beyond redemption and should’ve just been scrapped).

So six hours later and two pass throughs with the audio (which of course was not perfect) I send her a transcript where more than 90 percent of the original text has been corrected and grammar correct. Six hours of work for $5. This project should’ve taken no more than 90 minutes for a real audio edit with a real transcript. I literally audio edit five transcripts in a six to seven hour period for my regular clients.

Does she accept the transcript and say thanks? No… she sends me a bunch of demeaning messages claiming the transcript is completely useless and she’ll have to re do the whole thing??? She also insists I didn’t do all these formatting details that I have never seen in a speech transcript in the three years I’ve been working with them. And does she wait for me to reply to her messages or even offer to correct some of the issues she wants. No she requests to cancel the order.

This is where I get livid because we both know that transcript is in damn good shape and she got what would usually cost at least $40 if she’d paid for it through my regular gig. She knows she’s passing my version of the transcript on to the client because it’s clear, coherent and good to go. But she wants to quibble over $5. I don’t think she ever had the intention of paying for it. And now I wonder if the reason she so often (multiple requests per day) has to resort to buyer’s request is because she keeps doing this to other sellers and therefore has no one who wants to work with her repeatedly.

Ugh!!! Just needed to rant because I wasted six hours of my life trying to be a decent person and help another seller out and got totally screwed as a result.


I am so sorry to hear that. I’m a buyer, was planning on becoming a seller on here but I’m having a horrible experience with a scammer and neither Fiverr nor FiverrSupport will do anthing about it! :frowning:


You should have declined the gig as soon as the shady “oops I ordered the gig all by myself anyway” behaviour started. Next time, ask for a look at the transcript first–and NEVER work for six hours for $5 unless you’re getting a massive (in)tangible benefit from it–which I can assure you, you won’t from Captain Cheappants over here.

Have you taken this to Customer Support? Raise all the red flags, take screen shots, scour the Terms and Service for all her violations and let rip.

Or cancel, if you think that six hours of your life is enough waste on this. It is just $5, or not. Try to take it as a hard lesson, well learnt and don’t fall into the same trap again. Oh, and believe in karma, that helps. It comes back threefold, you know.


Completely agree with all the points you mentioned Emmaki.


Hey @amadear, I have (from scratch) transcription work if you are interested (and accurate) Just contact me. I’m a little more friendlier and respectful than the seller whom you are referring to. And I know exactly what you mean. Those things done with word recognition software are horrible and it’s faster to just scrap everything and type from scratch. Well, to clarify, I’m usually friendly and respectful but a couple of buyers have been pushing my buttons in the last 24 hours and I did just tell someone to “go away” when they wanted me to do 20 hours of transcripts at a discounted price. They’ll get their cheap transcripts here, but the accuracy will be noticeably different to what I provide. The other decided to get touchy on why their transcript hadn’t been delivered with 3 hours to go on the clock. They got their precious transcripts (that I could have done within 30 min) cancelled right at the last minute (and the moron continued to reject my cancellation requests) Clients like this usually do not get that far, but wasn’t ready to risk a negative feedback over someone who couldn’t read the listing, which I think is pretty clear.


Yes, I should’ve and this is turning into a huge hassle. I think I’m going to finish up the orders I have outstanding on here and focus on UpWork from now on.


I’ve also just had a horrible experience with a buyer - I did what my gig says, but he still wasn’t happy, and I could not get Fiverr Support to help me. Instead of going back and forth I should have just cancelled the order. I had been told not to automatically cancel orders if you’re having an issue with a buyer but to go through Fiverr support. They just wouldn’t help me and kept saying I had to work it out with the buyer. So, two weeks later and lots of arguing back and forth and I’ve now lost the money anyway. Why does Fiverr Support side with the buyer, when they admitted that I had done everything right? More than 500 gigs and 5-star rating, and they still wouldn’t support me! I just wasted two weeks trying to deal with a scammer. So disappointed with Fiverr.


Customer Support won’t help you - I’ve been pleading with them to help me get rid of a scammer, and they wouldn’t. And I lost the money in the end anyway. You’re on your own - it’s probably best to just cut your losses as soon as you know things are getting out of hand.


I’m actually in the process of pitching an article about this problem to a couple of outlets. If it gets picked up somewhere would you mind if I contact you for a brief interview about your experience.

Also, I feel your pain. This situation really sucks.


Just value your time via order size. If your order is 5, you shouldn’t be spending more than 20 minutes to an hour on it(depending on the nature of the gig.), this way the frustration levels will be low and you’re more likely to not get frustrated and just simply refund the gig via mutual cancellation. There are some users I have talked to that are TRS that don’t spend any more than 15 minutes on a given basic gig. Perhaps up your prices as well utilizing Fiverr’s new system. Sorry you had a bad experience!


This is a good point. I only took the gig because I wanted to get a rating on that specific gig but then she didn’t even order the right gig and ordered one I already have ratings on. But yeah, I should’ve canceled it as soon as I realized I’d been bamboozled into working on a hopeless mess of a file.


Something also to keep in mind that due to what appears to be a limited staff and growth levels out of control, Fiverr now seems to side with buyers roughly 85% of the time, and only in rare cases when buyers specifically seem to admit fault do they work with you to solve the issues. It’s best just to for minimal orders, offer a mutual cancellation if major issues arise. I used to contest smaller orders in the past, but it’s just not worth the effort anymore as no matter how much proof you have, Fiverr wants to support the buyer as they’re the one bringing in the money. I’ve even had gigs shut down despite providing ample proof and authorization because a buyer said I “didn’t deliver the service” and apparently video, screenshots, and me literally typing it out in as basic of terminology was not enough for Fiverr CS. Ironically enough, 90% of these people then go and copy my gig I had up that got shut down and get orders from my previous clients.

Yeah, I noticed with one of my gigs a while back I literally had no feedback on it for over a month, but after a first order and feedback on it, I all of a sudden got near five orders in queue on the gig the day after. I think after they get the comfort seeing the first positive feedback on a given gig, they get all excited and are all ready to order.

I suppose the plus side is that in fact, the majority of buyers I deal with are actually fairly understandable but I feel like as time goes on, that number seems to dwindle.


My heart sank a few months ago when a new buyer ordered one of my gigs & kept requesting changes! She claimed to be new at using Fiverr and didn’t know how it works. Ultimately, I lost HOURS over a simple flyer project. It was worth waaaay more than $5. I was so tempted to cancel. I’m starting out so I knew I couldn’t afford negativity about my gigs. She was so happy with my work that she gave me a tip! I didn’t even know about tips :slight_smile: Another one of my clients suggested I make a gig just for tips. That was awesome! Anyway, I lost ratings on delivery time because of the client, BUT now that she got the hang of it, she’s one of my favorites​:heart: Guess I got lucky. It’s scarry to trust people on Fiverr. Everyone has been so nice, but there are still so many horror stories I read about :frowning:


I absolutely hate resellers sometimes. The level of sheer arrogance, ineptitude and rudeness of some makes me want to release a cage full of rabid flying monkeys in their direction.

The lesson though is simply to request cancellation as soon as your scammer sense starts tingling. I’ve had one recently who asked how I transfer copyright of my work to them. I explained that Fiverr rules stipulate that copyright is theirs as soon as I deliver. So…what did they do? Just request cancellation after delivery BEFORE ordering another gig with a different account. (It was obviously the same wording).

Anyway, I scared them off by threatening to send a DCMA notice if they used my content and kept on refusing to accept cancellation until they gave up and I got my precious $4.


I think that’s quite thoughtful of you :slight_smile: