SCAM ARTISTS never again!


This company is a complete joke. A bunch of scam artists. I used them a few times in the past but today I had a seller that did an exceptional job and so I decided to give him a $5 tip.

Of course we all know that there is a $2 service fee on purchases. How do we know? Because it shows the $2 service fee on the order page! Logical right. You can’t charge somebody a fee that they don’t know about and are not shown on some sort of order/confirmation page. That’s kind of…um…illegal.

So I go to give this guy a $5 tip, click all the way though (the confirmation page looks exactly like the original order page…except NO SERVICE CHARGE ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND). Then you click, they charge your credit card and the next page comes up, showing you the total price for the service, plus the “tip”. In that total price is ANOTHER $2 service charge that was included in the tip charge but never shown to the user. Of course the strategy of this pathetic company is that nobody will bother to do the math when that page comes up (WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME A SUMMED TOTAL WITH THE INITIAL PURCHASE PRICE AS A CONFIRMATION PAGE FOR THE TIP I JUST MADE?!).

I send an email to get my $2 back and this guy has the nerve to attach the terms and conditions, which shows that a $2 service fee is payable on any PURCHASE up to $40. A tip is, by definition, not a purchase jack@$$ but nice try.

This is so obviously a deliberate scam. Reeks of a desperate startup looking to inflate revenue. Must be looking to ipo this crap company so they can cash out as the “customers” leave en masse. Leave this mess of a company for the unsuspecting shareholders.

Never again, worthless scam artists!


No one will reply you so best of luck :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I understand right what you mean here, but I assume you’re blaming some artists for charging fees?
So I can say this is not an artist who charges fees - fiverr does, artists (or any sellers here) have nothing to do with this.


Yeah, sorry, but don’t you think it’s rather unfair to call an artist you said did such great work that you wanted to tip him, a scammer or j@cka$$ because the platform you and he are using takes fees?
We all aren’t happy about those fees, especially the ones on tips - Fiverr takes not just $2 fee from us sellers by the way, on every order and tip but 20%, so imagine how that feels from our side for more substantial than $5 tips even for work that maybe took us days or weeks and a buyer was so happy with that they want to tip genetously - but it’s not us artists/sellers who charge those fees, in fact, you’ll find lots of posts here of sellers who aren’t fond of the fees (on tips) so it would be nice to refrain from calling us scammers.

I do think, by the way, that Fiverr should make it clear in the ToS bit that informs buyers and sellers about fees that they also apply to tips, together with an explanation of the reason behind that (not that many people seem to read that like they confirm to do when signing up in the first place, going by the astonishing amount of buyers and sellers who complain on the forum about things they’d have known if they read them), but either way, it’s not us sellers charging that fee but Fiverr, Fiverr takes fees from us too, please keep that in mind.

And while most sellers are more or less happy to pay Fiverr the fees on orders, we most certainly all are less than happy that Fiverr doesn’t see a way around the possible abuse of the tip feature than to charge fees on those as well (if you think about it, you’ll know why, so I won’t go into that) as lots and lots of forum posts show, but apparently, Fiverr can’t or doesn’t want to spend the amount of human work that might be needed to control that ‘no fees on tips’ wouldn’t be abused.

Either way, the documentation prior to purchase/ripping may be lacking again, it’s not your seller who charges those fees, on the contrary, Fiverr takes their 20% seller fee from him too.
So please, if you want to call anyone scammer and other names for charging a fee, call the ones that charge the fee and not the artist who provided you something you liked so much, for $4 (on his end, after 20% fee), that you wanted to tip him.

I hope you at least only called him names here and might rethink now. If you want to complain about the fees on tips (which we sellers want to see gone just as much as you and more, guaranteed), the best way to do that is directly with Fiverr customer support. Maybe, if enough buyers complain, they might find a better way, or at least document it more clearly prior to leaving a tip.

To make this clear, I understand you’re worked up because of the tip on fees and the company, we sellers are as well when we first realize that we have to pay our 20% dues on tips as well, I’m just sick of the impression many people are giving with this kind of posts that don’t clearly differ between company and freelancers who aren’t employees of the company, or right away lump us all in together, but only use it as a platform just as the buyer, and have to live with the same rules and fees (more fees than the buyers, to be correct) and calling everyone including the artists/sellers scammers, worthless, etc.


Seller is 100% right here. He/she didn’t do anything wrong. You may paid $7 for $5 tip, but from that $7, seller only got $4. Fiverr fee is $2 for each purchase under $40 and 20% of each transaction.

You can’t call sellers scammers if they did work you wanted. Fiverr fees has nothing to do with sellers.

Although, nobody is happy with fees, but we can’t do nothing about it.


I send an email to get my $2 back and this guy has the nerve to attach the terms and conditions, which shows that a $2 service fee is payable on any PURCHASE up to $40. A tip is, by definition, not a purchase jack@$$ but nice try.

If you give $5 tips to a Seller, the seller will get $4.
So you are paying $5 + $2 (Fiverr Fee), and the seller is getting only $4. it’s something you may lot like but there is nothing to do by the seller. He although did your job, but you can’t call him a scammer because the $2 is charging Fiverr not the seller. :slight_smile:


I can understand your frustration, but do get a grip.

Your seller, who did such a good job that you felt they deserved a tip, which was very kind by the way, was good enough to point out that the service charge was nothing to do with them.

I hope you didn’t speak in a similar way to your poor seller as you have in this post - I’d have reported you to CS for being obnoxious.

The new charges are worth complaining about, but not in the way you have, and certainly not to a seller who you deemed to have done such a good job that they deserved a tip.


If I read his post right, and he hadn’t edited it before I did, I read it as him calling Fiverr (the company) scammers, not the artist or seller whom he bought from. He is upset that when he went to tip, there were no indications that it would cost him more than $5 - which, I feel if this $2 is hidden before he clicks the final button to send the tip through, is wrong. Fiverr should have that extra $2 shown before someone agrees to tip if that is not shown on the tip page. I didn’t get the impression this guy was bashing the seller. It sounds like he wrote to CS to get his $2 back because it was not clearly stated when he went to click through to tip, and the CS guy who he calls names just sent back an auto response about the TOS.



That’s not really much of an improvement, even if it is the case. :wink:

I agree the $2 is wrong, it shouldn’t be charged on tips at all, but perhaps a ‘thank you’ to whoever pointed it out in the ToS would have been better from the OP, rather than going off the deep end?

Folks tend not to want to help you after they’ve been called the names OP used.


This is how I read this too.

Also, many buyers don’t realize that Fiverr sets fees and commission rates and not sellers.

I have had two regular buyers recently request custom offers of $13 instead of my regular $15 price. Their argument is that since they are repeat buyers I shouldn’t charge them a premium fee. Sadly, I have a feeling that these buyers aren’t buying the “it’s Fiverr not me” line.