Scam Buyer Alert. Help Needed



I’m not sure if it’s allowed to put username or not of the buyer, I’ll wait for confirmation before I do so.
Anyways, a buyer contacted me, asking me for my service, he seemed outright shady and I tried politely decline my service, he sent me over 30 messages while I was asleep, telling me that he will report me if I don’t do his work.

On top of that , he placed an order, I sent cancellation on it, he declined and said that I must have to do it, I said, I can’.t he said w help will keep ordering and will leave many negative feedbacks. Ofcourse folding to pressure I said I will do work for free and in exchange if he can accept refund and leave me be.

I opened ticket on Support, they clearly read my whole chat and to sum it all up in few words, I basically got told “you’re on your own, kiddo” .

What should I do? What route can I take from here?


In this case I would pause all my gigs so that nobody is able to order then tell support to cancel the order on your behalf since the “buyer” is not willing to do so. Then launch the gigs again after a week or two.


While this is a good idea but not an option. since deactivating gig would lose all the ranking and would takes months to recover. I’m trying to diplomatically solve the issue, I just would like to confirm if I can say the buyer’s name so others can protect themselves from that shark.


No you can’t say the name… Which is better loosing your ranking because of deactivation or getting multiple 1 star reviews?


Appreciate your input :slight_smile:


Just an update, turns out the buyer wasn’t a scammer, was just immensely rude and insulting. I mean it’s still bad but atleast’ not scam-bad. :smile:


Sorry, but your story looks kind of shady. Who does free work because of a “pressure”? You know there’s something called Customer Support, right?

If I meet you on the street and “pressure you”, would you build me a free house?


If I don’t like to chat with a buyer I block them. It’s that simple.

If someone orders my gig I deliver what my service includes and with the price I’ve set - no freebies. If they don’t like it it’s their problem. If they cancel I refuse. If they feel they deserve a refund they can talk to customer service. My average selling price is pretty high so of they are willing to lose that kind of money for a negative review then so be it :slight_smile:

You have over 1K reviews yet you’re still giving freebies when someone pressures you with a negative review.


snapshot their messages, and decline saying the buyer wants you to do a work you cannot do, but he refuses to cancel and makes threats.


I love this answer but how can we block someone?


Your answer