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Scam buyer at fiverr

how can i file a complain against a buyer

What is the resolution that will make you satisfied? It is always good to ask yourself what being resolved would look like.

I don’t formally complain. I have a post-it note on my computer with usernames that are on the “Naughty List”. I just don’t take more orders from them.

I know I offer 5 times the service and 5 times the patience of anyone they will work with on Fiverr. It is their loss not mine.

After 4,000 orders, there is 9 users on the naughty list, so I must not be too hard to get along with. :slight_smile:


Try to solve with the problem with buyer. If it is hard you can contact Fiverr support and use order number

Are you Santa? :santa: Since you have a naughty list and all. :rofl:


You can contact customer support but it’s unusual for a seller to complain about a buyer.

You are an adult and a professional supposedly and are able to solve things yourself and not file complaints on buyers. I suggest that you work this out yourself.

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