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Scam "Buyer"- check-cashing scheme!


In keeping with forum rules, I will not post this “buyer” ID; I will however state that this alleged buyer is trying to engage in a bogus check-cashing scheme by first trying to get sellers to get check-paper for their printer and then check-printing software. I allowed the dialogue to continue up to the point of the alleged buyer demanding my personal email. Just a heads up for everyone. Careful out there


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, thank you. My husband has been contacted by two different e-mail schemes telling him he won $100,000 and all he has to do is mail them $250 worth of Amazon Gift Cards to pay for the shipping! He told them to just take the shipping off of his check. “We no can do.” was the answer. :crazy_face::rofl:


Where are they shipping the check from for $250, the moon? And since when can you buy postage on Amazon?


I do not know. They wanted him to scratch the numbers off and read them to him. He was so silly with them. He said, “Okie dokie, I scratchy, scratchy.” He laughed for a long time while they exchanged e-mails. :laughing:


That’s hilarious! I get so many email scams; in fact I just opened another. They write this huge-azzed email and at the end they ask for a moneygram or western union for $68 or $29 or whatever. For the sheer volume these people write, they should just post a gig here on fiverr. “I will write your scam email for you.”:rofl:


An email scam I got recently was something like
"Hello, a wealthy man named Mr.Ogawa has passed away recently from an illness, but he has no family and has left billions of dollars behind. He has chosen you since you have the same last name as him, and he thought it was fate. Please email us at so and so."

Time to play the game of “How Stupid do ya Think I am!?”


thank you ! :slightly_smiling_face:


This sounds unbelievable I know, but we actually got a real letter like this.
My mother threw it away, thinking it was a scam, it was addressed to her, but I got it out of the trash and did some online research and to make a long story short, it was a legitimate letter that a distant cousin of my mother’s had died and she was an heir to a fortune. After his estate went through probate we got a very large check in the mail from a law firm in Texas.


That is quite an amazing story!!
Well, if I do get such a mail in the mail box, I’ll do some research for sure!


:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: Does this mean I didn’t win an iPhone 8 on behalf of YouTube