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Scam Buyer issue

Recently, I created a website for a buyer on fiverr. It took me 7,8 restless days to complete it. But in the end when I delivered the website. The buyer requested a cancellation stating that my hosting is blocked because you put virus in it. He also changed the passwords for hosting and wordpress. What do I do now? Helpless… The story doesn’t end here. He has contacted fiverr against me for asking about some proofs. Anyway…It is too heartbreaking. (Already contacted CS)


Hey there syed,

That’s very unfortunate to hear. However, the buyer is entitled to issue a cancellation if he/she is not happy with the service provided. You can have a customer support review the case but if that doesn’t help there’s not much else you can do.

In future cases you might want to set up milestones (i.e. deliverables) so you can deliver parts of your projects at a small % of the total price. This way you might have avoided getting the entire order cancelled?

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No, they are not, unless the work delivered doesn’t match the gig description.

From Fiverr’s TOS: “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.”

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You should have worked on your own server. Either your buyer is indeed a scammer (the timing suggests they are) and thought it through or he actually got a virus either from your or someone’s else doing.

It could’ve been a nulled plugin/theme you or them themselves have installed or even something else…it’s hard to tell sometimes.

I once had a client who got a virus from a nulled plugin they installed on their website, which would infect some key WordPress files, the most important one being the functions.php.

So it was basically a script that would add malicious links to every and each functions.php file in their server.

Once their host made them aware of the problem they thought it was my mistake, as it was the theme I’ve developed, which was active, that carry the malicious code.

I simply explained to them what happened and why it happened, they quickly realized it was their mistake and were extremely embarrassed about the whole situation.

Fact still remains if you would’ve worked on your own server you’d minimized chances of this happening.

In the future do all development in your own server and once it’s ready you share with them, should they approve you can then go ahead and migrate it over to their server.

Not only this approach is safer for you but it’s also far more professional. Genuine buyers will appreciate this as you won’t touch their current website until they are satisfied with your new design.

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Contact customer support again with screenshots and links to prove that your client is still using your work. Usually they’ll put the money back in your account.

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