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Scam buyer not getting paid?!

Hi, iam new to fiver i have just completed my second task about building a creative website for a customer,the story is:
The customer asked me for creative porfolio website so i made it for him in 2 daysand before i send it to him , i delivered a vodeo about the project (how does the website look like) af ter that i said to him do you like it he said it is cool ,than i told do you want the source code now, he said yes now is fine, and when i send it to him he never respond its been 14h and i dont know if i’am getting paid or not?
How do you deal with them?!


Did you deliver it with a big green “deliver” button?

If so then you should see a banner on top of the order page that order will be autocompleted in 3 days.

I also would recommend to you to read fiverr help page and learn how fiverr works.

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Thank you maria,
Yes i did deliver it with the big green button.
Have a nice day.

If this was done all in the order page. And the buyer purchased with the right amount and you also delivered what was requested, then there is no problem here. If there is no further response from the buyer, probably he is okay with the project already / he got busy / he isn’t the type to mark orders as complete. So long as you pressed the green deliver button and you delivered the right work it will automatically be marked as complete after 72 hours (if ever the buyer doesn’t request changes or marks the order as complete himself).

After that wait for a clearing period of 14 days then you can withdraw the money

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!4 hours is not long so don’t worry yet. Sometimes, I deliver and I never even get a message back–or maybe I get a ‘thank you’ weeks or months later. Some buyers really only want their delivery and they are not big on correspondence, and that is their prerogative. It’s really not a problem.

Once they have received what they came for, some buyers feel there is no need to write again. It’s just how some folk are and not your fault in any way.

The only problem is if they come back telling you they did not like your delivery–that’s the only thing to worry about.

If they’re silent, all well and good–even if it means they are not the politest of clients. :slight_smile:

As others say, you will be paid in three days if the client doesn’t respond to proactively accept your delivery sooner.

A very important point for all sellers is that after you have delivered using the ‘Deliver Now’ green button, you should let your buyer respond in their own time, even if that means they take days. If you start sending them emails asking did they receive it, did they like it, or asking them to accept the delivery faster, it only puts pressure on them and they may be more likely to find fault with the work if you annoy them with stressy messages. :slight_smile:

I am sure you are not doing that–I am just making a general point because I know some sellers do message buyers a lot after delivery. There’s no need for it; the system will instigate a payment to you after three days if the buyer remains silent.


thank you, i did what you said .

thank you , its really important informations.

What else is sad to do