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Scam buyer request

I have seen the same buyer request for several days(7-10) with one 1/2 word change. They are scamming . They provide their website link and ask the seller to write answers from their website to get hired.They also put a budget of 5500 so that the sellers go their website link . This is so frustrating and alarming . The authority should find out the scammers and kick them out. We need a option to report in buyer request .


Fiverr needs to do something about that very fast

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All you need to do is contact CS with an explanation of your concern and a screenshot of the Buyer Request. I have done that in the past. :nerd_face:


Exactly a report feature in the buyer section will help flag any suspicious buyers.

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Thank your brother . I will do that next time i see this .

Vickie isn’t your brother. :rofl:

Also, calling random people on the internet “brother” or any other term indicating that you’re close, even though you don’t know each other at all, isn’t a good idea. Some people might find it offensive.

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yeah whatever makes you intellegent

Hi ashiq133,

I’m a new seller on Fiverr. I’ve just noticed these fake buyer requests for the past few weeks.

Apparently! People are using buyer request segment for advertisement purposes. They have no intention of getting the service. Most notably, they send youtube links and ask sellers to watch the videos to understand what they need.

They need views, nothing else.

I also saw a buyer request few days ago with a spyware in the Zip file.

Now! For the past few days, I’m seeing buyer requests with tons of links, asking you to visit them so you may know what the buyer needs. But when you try to open them they is nothing there but ads. Not a genuine website. One buyer request, even stated “Please click on the ads” ! Lol

What is going on? Makes me question the protection policies of Fiverr for the sellers who are working hard day and night, and in return are getting spammed, getting our time wasted by these scammy buyers. I am really dissapointed that we can’t even report these kind of request.

The sad part is, Sellers are actually responding to these fake requests. 100+ offers sent.

Fiverr should fix this before we lose our credentials to these spyware, scammer zip files. We seriously need protection. One wrong click, and we’re out. We’re gonna lose all our accounts, our years of hardwork.