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Scam buyers in the platform

I have discovered something alarming. After some buyers use your service, they will ask for a refund, and when you rightfully refused their toxic request, they will tell you that they write to their bank to collect a charge back, and that they will do, which will automatically cancel the order. It’s becoming very common. This is so unfair to sellers. Something should be done about this


the fiverr authority must find a way to secure their sellers earnings. This is so sad

Hi there @kingstraffics, I have heard this very often since joining fiverr two months ago. It is sad that this can happen, especially after all the hard work you put into… I hope Fiverr will do something about it. Such a professional platform as Fiverr is shouldn’t allow this to happen. Thank you for sharing this with us. Kindly, Humberto

You can refuse to cancel. Just say no. Under the right situation, fiverr will also give you, the seller, your money if they see that it was not justified to cancel at the bank or at Paypal.

True. It has happened with me too. He got everything delivered to him then started a dispute and got the prder cancelled.

Fiverr cancelled it. They only told me that it won’t affect my cancellation rate

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I have a question about this so called scams… If a buyer doesn’t accept the final output the don’t get the final product without a watermark… So if the buyer asks for a refund they still don’t get the final product without a watermark… How does it benefit them if they ask you to cancel?

No. The delivery will mark as complete after 3 days, then later, maybe after a week they will write to their bank to ask for a charge back from fiverr

so they get their funds back, account banned and free output… And yet people are asking why fiverr is rapidly asking for people to verify their accounts

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Buyers don’t have to verify their accounts, only sellers.

As I know ,this is happening because they use paypal as there payment method.

You could also contact with contact support with your order page screenshots. That will help you.

Brother often we deliver our all files in a zip format. The buyer is able to download the zip before complete the order. By this he/she is able to cheat with us(sellers).

If the order includes source material like documents or other file type like psd or obj. sometime we have to use rar or zip to compress large files, then the client easily get away with the work and ask for a refund.
And sellers score will effect for the cancellation. If the client ask for refund without any proper reason then also sellers get affected.