Scam Buyers? Need help


I want to start by saying I have been a buyer on here for a while and always had really good sellers and never had an issue. So, thank you to all the honest sellers on here. I found myself in need of extra money to help our with my mothers medical needs so I thought I have some skills I could do at night to bring in some extra cash to help support her. Since I had good experiences I thought way not.

So, I go out and create a couple of gigs. I was so excited when I got contacted by a buyer asking if I would be interested and I stated maybe. I sent back several questions to determine if I would be able to complete what they were asking for in the stated time frame. The next message I got was stating someone else would contact me. I sent back asking for them to send me the answers I had requested before I could take the job. The next thing I get is they purchased the gig. I sent another message saying “I see you purchased but I have not agreed yet” then the next message was buyer is unable to be contacted.

I looked at the file they sent and it was something to do with calling a number and getting a pin (which I was not going to do) and then call with the pin to get instructions. I tried to contact the actual buyer and there is no “contact” button on their page along with anything except “I’ve been a buying for a while and this is just a new page”.

In the mean time the order got cancelled and now I have a negative feedback on the first order I received and it was completely out of my control.

Is there anyway to get this fixed?


Contact customer services.


I did and they basically said to bad.


Try explaining it in a little more detail perhaps?

Did you send them the document describing the telephone number etc. - I’m sure they’d look into it for you.

I’m confused who did the ordering etc. - there can only be one buyer, from whom you expect to get the order information. Without that, you can’t start an order, and it can’t be delivered late if it can’t be started.


When it first happened I sent them the document I was sent along with my concerns and I got an email back explaining how to try and resolve it. They close the ticket and marked it resolved. Then I sent it again once it was cancelled along with the messages that we exchanged showing that the person that contacted me is not the person who purchased and I didn’t agree to do the work. CS sent an email back referring to the feedback policy.


Sorry - you’ve lost me again.

Forget the conversation that took place prior to the order - A. Person buys your gig. A. Person submits the required information for you to start the gig - this is who you’re dealing with. If the information isn’t what you need, you ask for what you need or you cancel the order.

Person B. who messaged you separately isn’t the buyer, and anything the send you has no bearing on your order with A. person.

You should have cancelled the order before it got to the stage of being late for delivery.


I’d just ask CS if you can close this account down and start a new one. Then perhaps read through the TOS and how it all works to avoid this issue in future. The scam buyer isn’t so much the problem here as your not cancelling the order ASAP when it turned out that they had some confusing and nefarious plot to scam you, or whatever it was they were doing (your explanations don’t make a whole lot of sense tbh)


Thanks for replying. Sorry, it got a little confusing. I agree I should only focus on the the one that actual purchased but per my wording on the gig I need to approve the purchase just so I don’t take on something I can’t deliver in the time frame they are needing. I tried to contact them to cancel it but no response. So, I agree I should cancel the order but it went pass the time frame.

I think at this point I’m just going to deactivate my account and not worry about it anymore.


Sounds like a plan!

Just contact CS to close your account, and they’ll help you open a new one.

Good luck!


Alright! The second wave of ‘bad buyer week’ has started. :joy: