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Scam Buyers Ruining Accounts


This isn’t the first time it happened and I’m not the only one it has happened to. Buyer places order, gets the work done, leave a STELLAR feedback with all 5 stars. After a few weeks, the order gets chargedback with Paypal and you’re stuck with lost revenue and on top of that, your order completion rate, which is now more important than ever!

Same thing happened with me but on a bigger scale. I did around 13 orders for that client in a course of one month, all got 5 star feedback. And now, after a month (some orders are older than that). He charged back all of them. Even his ID is blocked from Fiverr.

Now, I do not expect Fiverr to compensate as they have no control over Paypal HOWEVER they atleast should give the tiniest bit of courtesy to the seller that those cancellations shouldn’t effect order completion rate. My order completion rate dropped to 83% and I’m 100% sure, it won’t be able to get back to above 90% by the 15th of this month or even till next month.

I contacted support as well, while they accept it’s an unfortunate experience but they refused to help me regarding completion rate. Buyers always gets away with everything and it’s the seller that gets crushed

end rant


Terrible. Thanks for sharing buddy. We need to careful about this. And I really can’t understand how we can prevent this scammers.


Yeah, here’s the sneak peak of that terrible sight if you wanna see


Fiverr need to upgrade the safety to avoid this type businesses. No one need scammers neither fiverr. Because, its harming the platform.


Yeah, and this practice of ordering and refunding is much much more prevalent in SEO niche on Fiverr. A friend of mine once had around 50 orders cancelled in one week. Needless to say, his account tanked.


That is really unfortunate. I think when a chargeback is filed by a buyer, the fiverr support can show the screenshots (order delivered, completed, all communication between seller and buyer and the 5 stars that the buyer gave to you) to the PayPal.

Then the PayPal support can consider the case in the seller’s favour.


This is ridiculous. However, (apparently) last month Fiverr informed another seller that they could effectively get a free pass concerning St. Levels. They had suffered a series of chargebacks also. They contacted CS and maintained their Level despite being knocked down to 89% in the stats.

In this case, maybe ask CS if you can be treated in a similar way.


Mine is a case of attaining level rather then retaining it unfortunately.


In that case, sorry. Also, I would strongly advise increasing your prices. New developer & creative service sellers get targeted a lot more frequently by scammers. Worse, the same scammers often return using new Fiverr accounts to order more work.

As you do not have a level to lose, consider increasing your prices and canceling orders in advance if they strike you as suspicious.


It happened same thing with me in the month of june and my order completion rate comes to 89% :frowning: