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Scam buyers


I an infuriated, they didn’t do jack DFSJKLF to help me when I even provided proof that a buyer purposely ordered my gig just to cancel and lower my rating. What the hell are they even there for? Just to confirm that you got screwed over, because I could’ve told myself that to be honest. There is no excuse for this site to be so naive, unjust, moronic, and IGNORANT about how much power they give ‘buyers’ but penalize the people making money for them. omg like I know it’s only $5, and they’re lucky I have actual jobs now, but they are as ridiculous as the scammers. So if you have someone who “accidentally” clicks your gig, even though you’re certain they did it just to lower your rating, you might as while just kneel over and take it cause you will be penalized regardless.

Horrible experience.


Maybe he didn’t believe you. Was there at least one “please” before the colorful string of words?

Two sizes to every storage facility. Uh…


oh okay


I know, and as you can see we’re all in a ranting mood.

I missed the big Fiverr drink-off in NYC!

But there are sellers of all levels who have been burned in the same fashion. Someone should start a petition.



I had a drink on your behalf in NYC!


I have a few nasty ones lately also, people are getting mean…now my rating is down to 93% after being 100% for over a year ! between the jerks and fiveerr lowering gig rating for late order, even though it was approved by the buyer I am screwed I can not even contact buyer requests tile I get up tp 95% how can i do that now/???