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Scam Inbox Alert [ARCHIVED]


I haven’t seen this mentioned yet so I’ll put it up temporarily in case and delete it later. There is a scammer putting out inbox messages that go something like this:

“Their is an opportunity that came up in my office on monthly crude revolving contract which must be of mutual benefit to both of us, kindly contact me with your phone number and address to my e mail below which will enable me share it with you asap.”

Obviously it’s a ToS violation in itself but it’s also a dangerous scam. If you can reply and want to keep your response rate up, just write “spam” or whatever in the reply and then click the Report button. If it’s been blocked, just don’t worry about it.


Inbox is fine like the fiverr can not control that but how come this same guy has been posting offers in the available projects section? Aren’t these offers monitored manually/electronically before being posted and just as you mentioned the offer includes email as well, how is that possible at all?


I reported it but there it was again this morning in my inbox as if it’s never been reported.


Seriously…how do these scam artists make money? I have always wondered…they have been around since the 1990s and still going strong…


Scammers use the fact that some people sometimes forget to use their common sense. Well perhaps that is one of the reasons. Me thinks.


I have never had people tried to scam me on Fiverr. But I have got a few people tried to scam me on other sites (on social sites). I always wanted to reply to the scammers ˝f*ck off˝ just for fun, but the site was faster than me (they blocked the scammers already).


If it really riles you, maybe think about ‘scam baiting.’ Obviously, you shouldn’t do this with anyone who tries to scam you on Fiverr. However, by setting up a fake email address and replying from it to the spam you get in your regular email you can have lots of fun.

It’s a guilty past time of mine and… Well, it fosters a sense in me that I am helping put the worlds to rights. That’s just me though.


What’s the matter don’t you want to help the Nigerians liberate their king/queen from those dangerous rebels? :slight_smile:


Help them clear their inheritance from the government then pay you back. I’m pretty sure they’re good for it :slight_smile:


If the scammers send 10,000 such emails and .01% of the recipients respond, then that means they’ve got 100 fish on the line. Now, how many of the fish will be reeled all the way in varies, but if we assume .01% of the initial .01% takes the bait, hook, line, and sinker, then who knows how much they’d come up with?

It’s a confidence game that usually revolves around the mark wiring money for so called processing fees, attorney retainer fees, and anything else they can think of to give the impression that the mark will eventually get something in return, but if we assume US$500, that’s actually a LOT of money depending on where in the world you live.

If you live in Nigeria - where this became infamous as the 419 scam - then the average monthly earnings of workers aged 40 and under is between N75,000 and N100,000 - or US$480 and US$645. So if you can sit behind a computer and use a macro script to send 10,000 emails per month and get just one person to send you a total of $500, then you’re doing really well for yourself.

Now extrapolate this up to 100,000 emails per month and you can see potentially (100,000*.01)=(1,000*.01)=10 suckers paying possibly as much as US$50,000, or N$9,952,500, which comes out to a nearly 11 months’ average wages in just one month. That’s how the money is made.


I think they are dangerous


I can’t answer that one. I am only a forum admin, I don’t have anything to do with requests. I would encourage you to report the offers in a Customer Support ticket. I will as well. If he inboxed you, click the report button on that. Even though it doesn’t work great, Fiverr staff sees it at least.


Same thing for me. It has to be some bug with the report button. I figure maybe if there is any advantage, staff sees the report more than once too. I just re-report them when they show back up.


Of course they are. You don’t actually do what they ask, just click the report button so Fiverr bans them. There is no question it is dangerous to do anything with the contact information they provide.


It’s unfortunate. I think most people are aware that there is no way these are anything but scams. As @jamesbulls said, though, if you get just a single person to do something, the scammer can either get money or their email/password. Occasionally someone is so desperate for money they will actually try contacting these scammers “just in case.”


Thank you so much for the great informations.


LOL. No, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the heads up


The report block feature hasn’t worked properly for some time now :frowning:


These are those lovely occasions that the report button is touched like a big button that says “Hit me baby one more time!” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the note @Fonthaunt.

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Thanks for information. Problem with this scams is that some of them (and now I mean in general) are becoming very good looking and almost like real thing so it might get hard to see that it is scam.