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Scam logo for 1000$

I’ve ordered a 4 letter logo in Typewriter, 2 color coded and with a twist to it.
“Designer” few days deliver my logo.
Its my 4 letter logo with nothing done but changed the font to a 10$ font. Not in my font request, color or design.

  • The support offer me 50% compensation due to the designer work so much on the logo…

Is this normal Fiverr way of dealing with scams?

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Was that a pro seller from whom you ordered your logo?

Can you show us that logo please?

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Hi! First, I’m very sorry for what you experienced. I don’t know much about these kind of situations. Usually, sellers complain about the fact that Fiverr allows buyers to cancel and ask for the refund of the whole order even after its completion, so it’s strange that in your case they are offering you only 50% compensation. Again, I don’t know much, but from what I read here in the Forum, CS always favors the buyer.

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I am not sure why my case is any different. The pro seller presented my 4 letter logo in a new font and asked if i was happy.
Its a 10$ font and i paid 1000$ for the service, so i did decline and said we were way off, and id like to offer 100$ for sellers work, but they want 50% (500$) for the time it took to change the 4 letter font.

Fiverr does seem to for some reason take their side, and say they have spend 500$ worth of time changing the font.

I will upload design, seller etc. when case is closed. I am trying one last time to get a hold of someone.

Sorry to hear about your experience. Don’t mention the seller by name just yet, you may get a tos violation. Check with cs before you post any account names in here. A 1000$ logo project is usually a corporate branding. It should include research before creating the logo & include stationary designs. A letterhead, envelope design & a business card template at the very least. If you wanted a current logo re design I would charge under $100. I wish you luck getting that order canceled.

If you insist on canceling… there is nothing they can do, in some case it’s abusing the system. But if it’s justified (and be honest), I’ll just insist on cancellation and put the money on standstill, so the seller will never get the payment.

Customer support seldom take the side of the seller, I think majority of the sellers here will agree, I would love to take a look at the “before” and “after”… and your input on how many revision was done within “the few days”. Because it’s rare that CS takes the side of the seller, I’m incline to believe it’s justifiable.

You’re a buyer, I think you can probably show the design (but be prepared for scrutiny if other sellers here are fair in their judgment) but don’t dox the seller’s name.

No you are not allowed to show or post sellers name.

I was asking for just a design to see the work to be able to advise you on the design itself.
There are might be a lot of ifs, if that’s a font then there is a commercial licence that probably was purchased, it also might be that your seller changed letters in vector and adjusted them etc.
That’s why I asked you to show us your logo design.

@graphicsdepot please don’t tell others what their gigs should and should not include for a specific price. It’s up to each seller to decide what’s included and it doesn’t mean that 1000$ design automatically should include all branding.