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Scam messages on Fiverr, is this new?

have some of you receive also (like me) some kind of scam messages of people giving you her/his email because they “need to share something with you” or "Remove some images from their “website”.
I dont know for you, but for me this is new here on Fiverr, and i’m already getting annoyed with this situation.
For newbies it is dangerous, because i dont think none of those sites that the scammers tell you to go are safe; so those newbies could mistake those inbox for real potential jobs and get his/her software damage.

I have not received this kind of message before, but some fake buyers/sellers tried to get me involved in false order exchanges quite a bit. I just report them, but it’s really a bummer when you think you received a message to negotiate a custom offer and end up with this kind of proposal and no order at all.

About newbies, some may break Fiverr’s ToS when negotiating outside the platform without ever knowing they couldn’t - I’m sure some simply don’t read it before they start selling, and it’s partly their fault. It’s a shame this kind of situation is happening at the moment.

Oh yeah, I think that the same person, but from other Fiverr profile, sent me similar message. It doesn’t have to be something malicious if it’s a spam. Maybe just someone sends the same message to all the sellers and who shows up first gets the work. But, if someone is asking from you to work via e-mail, be sure to avoid such proposals.


Those who don’t know, spam messages can affect your response rate. It’s better to unspam the message, answer it and then ignore it. This won’t harm you and your response rate will be saved.


SOrry bro…Scammers will surly hing on all platforms to rip people off…that why you have to strictly follow the rule provide by Fiverr…let them be the middle men in your dealings…
will keenly follow your posts for more enlightening posts…thanks!!

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