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Scam on fiverr... no1 does nothing


I got scam on fiver…

I bough 3k instagram followers on fiver… After 2hours I was messeged by seller he done order… he did not do anything with my account, not even 1 viewer added…

I requested revision and I messeged complain center like… 5-8 times? nothing happened?

User was deleted so I was waiting for money back, but after 3 days I got order marked as delivered and not one … message from me was taken serios… WTF!!!


For a week I got 0 response for my resolution center messages plus - looks like you can scam people and not deliver anything as many times as you like.


Buying followers is ridiculous anyway and selling them is not actually allowed.
If you sent a ticket to customer service and quoted the name of the seller, the order number and your complaint then I find it difficult to believe that they did nothing.
It is strange that you cannot remember whether it was 5 or 8 times you sent messages. I imagine that is because you sent rambling complaints talking about scams etc.
When writing to customer service, you just need to explain the issue clearly and then wait 24-48 hours, not continually spam them.


They won’t answer multiple tickets about the same thing. Sorry this happened to you.


Why in the world would you want to buy Instagram followers? Anything that promises to generate legit, social media traffic screams scam so loud it can break a window.