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Scam or psychic seller

Hi there i hope someone can help me with this.

Yesterday i contacted someone regarding one of their gigs. The person mentioned the name of a previous seller i had purchased a gig from. I have only ever purchased one gig.
So all i wanted to ask was can sellers search who we have been buying from previously or was it really her psychic powers?
Please can someone shed some light on this situation.

Did you submit a review for that past order?

Because that’s clearly visible on your profile if you did.


I’ve you submitted a (public) review for the last order and that seller reviewed their experience with you as a buyer, then it shows the seller’s review on your profile. If you reviewed an order (public review) and the seller didn’t review then nothing would get added to your profile but you could probably find your review through a search engine.

You could just look on your Fiverr profile to see what review(s) it shows.

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Hello, did you ask them how they knew? I see one review from a seller on your profile.

She said it was her psychic abilities that she knew who i ordered from… and that the previous seller messed it up and she would sort the problem out for over $200 :joy:


Yes i did so clearly she just saw that and tried to act all smart with me. Thanks.

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Maybe so who knows? :zipper_mouth_face:

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I love the previous seller’s name. Very metal, very marketable.

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If someone can know the future it means we need to delete “out of control” term from the dictionary.


You are correct.

Things are already determined and this timeline we think we are in is a big false image we all share.

I predict things with playing cards and have a lot of premonitions about what is to come. I have to conclude as I have always believed that time and the whole idea of time is an illusion and everything is already determined. Recent discoveries in physics support this idea.