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SCAM: Plagiarism Article Hide Behind Unicode UTF-8 Code File to Cheat Copyscape Used By Sellers

Beware! They will send the file of the article using a ‘Unicode UTF-8’ file and when you check at GRAMMARLY.COM for plagiarism, no plagiarism was detected. I retyped back the whole artlcle on microsft word and check again at GRAMMARLY.COM and ‘Plagiarism was detected’. Check at PLAGIARISMA.NET only 26% Unique. What a SCAM!

This coded file can cheat Online Plagiarism Checker. Here is another link to a post in a forum regarding this scam that was posted on November 2015********
This scam has resurfaced again now in 2017. Beware!

Update May 22:
Reported to Customer Support about their activity by giving them the evidence of the original article along with the order number. Got a refund from Fiverr but no action was taken towards to the seller. It seems that they are allowed to scam more buyers with the approval of Fiverr.

The will send you microsft word like the image below:

When you convert it to .txt file it will look like the image below:


Thanks for the heads up. Didn’t know about this

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If you haven’t done it already please contact customer support to let them know.


Yes, have already informed customer support regarding their activity.

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Please stop posting the username. It was removed and you reposted it. Make sure to respect the forum rules. Thank you.

Glad you contacted customer support. They will look into it.

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I am glad I found this post as this just happened to me today. I am trying out different SEO writers. One of them was in unicode so I retyped the first 3 lines. It flagged on a plagiarism checker at 90%.
I found the original article which was basically the same with just a few details changed. Moving forward I suggest all buyers specifically request work not be in Unicode UTF-8


Thank you.
I am hoping to buy some articles as well. But I am afraid.


I think you still can (and should). Knowing about this helps to identify any issues.


plz always revise from seller before confirming the order. This is good manual technique.

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I’ve had 2 out of 3 articles fail this test in the last 24 hours.

This is what I got, but although I’ve contacted customer support with proof and reported the seller, I have received no answer and no refund. People, be careful on fiverr. I will make sure everyone outside this platform will know it as well, because I believe this is in cooperation with fiverr. \otherwise I see no reason why they would protect scammers even when reported with evidence.

When did you report the seller? It can take them some time to investigate. Also, keep in mind that they can’t tell you what they do with the seller, because that would be against the Privacy Policy.

More than a week ago. I don’t expect them to tell me what they did with the seller, although I see he is still well and safe scamming people on fiverr and poor them don’t even know it, because not everyone is Sherlock Holmes when they purchase a service. The refund has nothing to do with their decision regarding the seller as long as I provided them with evidence that the article can not be used in a blog unless I want to ban myself from google.

Anyway, a lesson learnt and just wanted to remind people to be careful and CHECK YOUR ARTICLES BEFORE PUBLISHING THEM HERE:

If the generated text is a junk as mine (screenshot above), it means the “writer” is a scammer using a black hat technique to encode articles in order to pass the plagiarism, so do not publish the article, report the seller and ask for a refund because not only that the article is useless and the “writer” is a fraud, it generates very bad consequences for all your hard SEO work so far.

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It happened to me about 6 months ago with this one seller. I was her regular customer and she always delivered on time and very fast. After my articles not being ranked at all, I got suspicious and asked my brother to look into it. That’s how he found out what she did - the exact same thing you described. I told her I would contact customer support. She begged me to not report her and would refund all my money but I did not want her to scam others so I did anyway. She got suspended instantly, I supposed as her account is no longer accessible. I got refunded by Fiverr.

Now I always ask for samples from new writers and check through [unapproved url must be removed - buyers can find sites via Google search] If decoding is detected, I will not use that seller.

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This happened to us as well. All six articles written for us by a seller turned out to be plagiarized using the scam you mention. They passed all checks, but Google Docs marked nearly every word as misspelled. In any case, we reported the seller to Fiverr and were refunded the money. We sent them all of the articles as well as the URLs of the copied content (all verbatim) as proof of the deception. However, we just noticed the same seller is still on Fiverr a month later and our initial positive feedback (before we discovered the scam) is still there! That means they’re allowing the offenses to continue.

Fiverr, you need to remove these people from your service. Your credibility is rapidly dissolving!!

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