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Scam seller dont fall for trick

Hello everybody there is a seller called ******* the guy is a scam he has collected $330 from me to do google adworlds campeign for me but after collecting the payment through bitcoin he did not respond to me again please dont give him any work to do for you here is his link profile******

Mod Note: Calling out sellers or buyers by name is against forum rules!

you can use bitcoins on fiverr or did you give payment outside fiverr system?

(1) How long has it been? Is it past the delivery time? I understand your’e upset, but if the delivery time has not yet passed, perhaps you should wait and see if the Seller resurfaces…If the order is now late and there’s no response and you did the sale through Fiverr, you should contact Customer Support and let them know, so they can work on your behalf.

(2) You need to remove the Seller’s name and their link from your post. Outing people on the Forums is against the ToS and a Mod will surely let you know.

Sharing a link to the gig, is against ToS. It is your fault to choose him because he is overall rated 78%

Just by looking at his reviews would alert me to a red flag.

Someone who has that many negative ratings wouldn’t be on my purchasing list.

You’ll have to contact Support if you’ve paid within Fiverr. Otherwise it’s against Fiverr’s Policies to be making outside payments.

:bulb: Joe

Please can anyone suggest a seller that can help me to monitor my social media account and running google adworlds campaign please i need a trust seller to monitor my website social media account.


I’m sorry, I don’t know any Seller to suggest, but have you tried putting in a Buyer’s Request? Just post what you’re looking for and the Sellers will come to you. From their offers, you can look at their gigs and check their rating and recent reviews, as well.