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Scam seller keeps denying cancellation

My first time here on Fiverr, and it didn’t start nice. I needed two simple overlays for a world map that I’m doing and I wrote a description and generated some describing pictures that would make the job straightforward. I wrote a few persons that offered gigs in GIS and mapping and got a few responses with different suggestions for time and cost needed. And after reading their answers I choose one of them for being able to deliver the next day.

One day later he send me zipped folder of rubbish. Not even the slightest relevant to what I ordered.
I did think he sent me the wrong files, and asked him about that but he claimed them to be what I wanted. So, I dispute the delivery.
Now it seems like he himself can decide if he wants to release the payment back to me. He declined the dispute. So, I disputed it again. He did the same. I wrote to fiverr support, but they do not seems to answer. For days. What’s going on here?

How come we do not get response on such matters from support? How can there be a site like this with several members when support is not working?


Don’t worry about it. Contact to customer support. It might take time but I believe they will solve your problem


Thank you for answering.
But then why do this scammer try to scam me here at fiverr? If the was no way to get away with scam he would not be here in the first place trying, right?
There must be an incitement I think.
When reading the terms it seems like the payment is being auto released if I don’t release it.

I got here because I’m short of time and needed help. Now I have more todos than before I got here.

What is the scammers plan here, what does he think/hope will happen?

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Pretty much clear he is not allowed to do that.

The payment is auto released if you accept the delivery or if you don’t do anything at all for 3 days after the delivery was made. If you request a revision or a cancellation, the payment isn’t going anywhere (which is a wonderful feature some buyers love to abuse, btw.)

Probably not the greatest idea if the rest of the sellers requested more time to do the job.

You can continue to request cancellations while you’re waiting for CS to respond if you’ve received “rubbish” and can prove it to them.

That seller’s plan is probably for you to give up if it was a relatively small order. If it was an expensive order, their plan is to clear the funds and run (I think). But since clearing the funds takes 2 weeks and there is a chance that your complaint will reach CS faster than that, it’s a pretty silly plan. Most people who attempt shenanigans like this are not exactly geniuses.

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I think he believes that you wouldn’t do anything and he could get away. He will get the money 14 days after the order marked as “completed”. Does it say completed?

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I now says Disputed.
Thanks everybody for your answers. I feel better now when I see that there is hope. I’ll hope I get trough to CS soon so that I can place new order knowing that I’ll maintain my budget intact to pay another gig.

He isn’t really a scammer
I think he isn’t able to do what you requested so he didn’t want to tell you and he just did rubbish

As for me I am based on content writing, research and summaries, resume and cover letter, data entry and I will always tell my buyer I can’t offer his service as soon as I see that I can’t do it

That is what he was suppose to do but he didn’t

I’m really sorry for the bad experiences

yea mate you will get a lot of that on fiverr, they try to scam/bs through orders and act like they know everything, contact support they will help you sometimes it takes a while, if he truly didn’t do what you paid him for fiverr will review your requirement and delivery and make justified decisions they always did. I had a seller recently who delivered a not so great service wasn’t scamming, so I asked for mutual cancellation he first agreed then soon changed his mind to ask me for money and reported me to fiverr to try to close my account lol, anyways do a lot of research before paying for services here good luck