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Scam seller - No option to leave feedback, no option to get a refund



I’ve been scammed by a seller on fiverr. After paying, they immediately marked the gig as “delivered”. I asked them why they marked it delivered without delivering, and they said something to the effect of “Don’t worry, I’m still working on it.” It was never completed. I kept asking, they kept pushing it off saying they’re still working on it. Now, six weeks later, it still hasn’t been done, I have no option to leave feedback for the scammer, and contacting fiverr only resulted in a canned response saying they can’t refund my money from the scammer.

Any suggestions on how to get this taken care of? I want to leave feedback for the scammer, and I want my money refunded.


If Fiverr said they can’t refund your money then I don’t think there’s anything more you can do. The feedback window is closed for this order too, so it’s definitely too late to be able to leave it.

The only option you have is so do a PayPal charge back, but then you’ll have your account closed.

Sorry, but I think you left this one too late.


I believe it’s 15 days that it takes for the pending balance you pay to be cleared to the seller’s account after the job is marked as completed. You should resolve any issues within time. Fiverr says that they can’t refund your money but you should still report them if you haven’t done so.


What kind of job was it?

And how long did you wait to contact customer service? Did you contact them within a few days when the order was supposed to be ready or did you wait 6 weeks and then first contact them?