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Scam seller on Fiverr - offering "investments"

Dear Fiverr, Dear Fellow sellers! I am not sure how to report a seller, offering “investment” to their buyers, promising double returns within a week. I am hoping this is way against terms and conditions and it is definitely unethical if not breaking the law.*******

This person is selling investment tickets, basically he redirects you to his website *************

which is a typical amateur scamming website.

What do you think? I am sure this is not legit, but is there a way to remove this from Fiverr? Should it be removed? Is this allowed?

While you can’t post the details on the forum due to forum rules, you can report any questionable service to Customer Support. If it is proven as illegal or fraudulent, it is not allowed. If the redirection of buyers to his own website can be proven, that’s also a Terms of Service violation.