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Scam seller


I bought 3 order of instagram followers and he say you give the followers but you have problem with the account and you can say the followers


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I have to agree with kjblynx, there is no call to mention users like that in the forum, it looks like the seller has cancelled his account anyway, but still, if you have a problem with him you can give him a thumb down and you may contact Fiverr team and they’ll get you your money back, i’ve actually had a similar situation and they did help me, I’m both seller and buyer on Fiverr, I agree there are scam sellers but as a seller myself i’ve met some people who i can only assume they never read the description and just go ahead and make an order to something that you don’t actually offer, oh well, I guess we’ll need to work on that with Fiverr team especially to ensure that everyone gets what he expects.



Moral of the story: Don’t buy followers :confused:

Oh and don’t call people out on the forums!