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Scam seller

I ordered from fragglesrock

I saw his sample and thought it was the seller i had seen a few days before. He is a total scam, All his samples are stolen from other Fiver artist. All he does is run a Photoshop action and it is nothing like his samples. I have canceled multiple time and he denies. Will I ever get my money back? All his gig have stolen work from other artist.

Any suggestions on what I should do next I request cancel and he denies. I have had a great experience on Fiver til now.

Here is one artist he stole from fragglesrock

So don’t order anything from this seller.

Sheriff’s note: naming and shaming is not allowed in this forum as clearly written in Forum Do’s & Dont’s.
If you have problems with an order, open a ticket with Customer Support and provide all the evidences you have.

I see that! Here’s what you can do:

  1. Leave a negative review.
  2. Submit a ticket to CS requesting a refund and explain what this seller is doing.

    I feel confident you’ll get a refund. In addition, they will probably delete this seller’s gig. After that, people won’t be able to read your comment but the review will stick in his overall rating.

First of all,you should read the rules on this forum Accusing other when you’re not even reading the rules doesn’t make you credible at all

cre8iveartwork you are absolutely right I am just frustrated with the seller I’ll let you decide. If you are a legit seller why would use other artist samples and claim them to be yours.

Sheriff’s note: post edited to remove seller’s name.

I Saw the gig you mentioned. It seems legit to me. I can do something like that in photoshop in 5 minutes too… most designers can.