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Scam Warning - Fiverr Team Impersonation - Gifts/Freebies Fake

If you get an inbox message from a user regarding FREE GIFT CARDS OR SIMILAR, the account does not appear to be a real staff account and the site is probably phishing. Please click the report button and do not use the link as it could reveal your Fiverr account information to a scammer.

EDIT: Fiverr management is aware of the issue and that multiple scam messages are being sent. They are doing all they can to stop it. Please don’t post about it with the URL as someone might get confused and click your link. Just ignore them and wait it out. I will re-open this thread so that people can reply here if they have questions or comments instead of starting new threads.

In addition, if you are worried about response rate, there is no need to panic. You can reply to the messages with anything (like “scam”) if you wish and then re-report it. You may not be able to catch them all, though, and you don’t really have to do that. If you contact customer support very nicely one time after this is over, ask them if they can reset your response rate due to a recent series of scam emails. Make it simple and nice. They will help.

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Hello everyone,
As you all must have noticed, recently a lot of Fiverr sellers are getting a same spam message from different accounts.
First of all do not click the link or enter your E-mail address.
Also report the website to Google, so that Google takes some action against it.
Now if you are worried about the response rate going down due to this spam messages, do not panic.
When you ‘Report’ a message as spam it accounted as an reply to that message and if you see that the user is already reported and that you cannot reply to him/her and that your response rate has gone down, contact Fiverr Customer Support and ask them to recalculate your response rate and they will do it for you.
I hope this helps.
Peace and love to you all.

I open that link and put my email in this. Is it effect on my mail account or fiverr account?

I just answer with a letter or two to all the spam messages.

I doubt you have anything to worry about saqibsoit. You could ask customer support though.

To be on the safe side, you may want to change your Fiverr and email passwords immediately. It is a phishing scam.

I received near about 20 same messages…i reported all of them…but will that affect my response rate???

Thank you for this @fonthaunt.
It’s the biggest one (scam messages) I’ve seen in the almost 4 years I’ve been on fiverr. Some people go to great lengths to steal. Sigh.

Thanks!! I sent a ticket to customer support about response rate


One has to be really careful as there are scammers everywhere.
Thanks for the tips.

I also received near about 7 same messages…i reported all of them

I received close to 30 such messages (last one received about 2 hours ago). Time to get these reported all such accounts are blocked by Fiverr Staff.

I am really worried, that Security question has been changed

I received 20 massages all reported

I hope Fiverr is handling and erasing them. Fiverr must disable and delete these messages. It’s really a shame that people are having to open these repeated messages and type something for response rates. Fiverr team must be more responsive.

Seems like Fiverr is really loading very slow so will not be possible to report all the spam messages.

I was open this gift card link i was to use this link by another gmail not my fiver gmail .
so my question it do any effect my fiverr account . I am worried please help me .

This same message flooded my inbox with 20+ messages within the last 5 hours. I’ve reported all of them and will contact Customer Support about the response rate.

can you give me google report link

I reported same to support. It is really disgusting.

Thanks :wink: