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Scamers on fiverr wanting to talk outside of fiverr

ok so I keep getting people messageing me want to talk to me on ■■■■■ and is because they want me to make an account on another site and let them use it I think these people should be removed off of fiverr what are everyone’s thoughts on this


Yes, report them if you haven’t already.

Fiverr will probably remove them, anyway, but the more we report, the more we can alleviate this problem.


i did but i get 2 or 3 messages like that a day so anymore i wont tale to customers off fiverr

" so anymore i wont tale to customers off fiverr"

No idea what this means.


I think OP mistyped the word talk. :wink:

sorry keys messed up on me lol anymore i wont talk to customers off fiverr

Thanks, I know but it still wasn’t clear.

“Anymore” – why were you talking to Fiverr Buyers outside of Fiverr? That’s not allowed and not necessary.

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It was to me. :wink: But I have years of practice interpreting what my students were trying to say in there writing. :rofl:


i had just started and did now that they were scammers so it was a little learning curve

If you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you’ll see that talking to them outside of Fiverr is a Terms of Service violation that can quickly get you permanently banned from the site.


Dealing outside Fiverr means Bye Bye to your Fiverr account. Please report any party requesting outside transactions. Personally I have no reason to even give my personal contact details to the buyer. It’s always safer to log all conversations within the Fiverr Messaging itself so we wont have any regrets in future :wink:


@diesel_c Hello, welcome!
Your post might get flagged for being off topic but I found your post interesting. Just be aware that we do try to stay on topic for threads, just a head’s up. Kudos for being able to use runes. Those are the most difficult in my opinion.

Ugh. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s been dealing with them. I’ve had people message me about all sorts of weird things, from asking me to an American-based Upwork account (I don’t even know) to people just sending me cryptic images asking me to call them immediately. Right now it’s just frustrating because my gigs have been slow at the moment, so whenever I see a new message I get excited only to get my hopes dashed.

Personally? I just block and report them. I don’t have time to deal with this bullsh*t.


I think new sellers are the ones plagued by these sorts of contacts.

Thanks for your comments and noted re the off topic slide. See you again soon.

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thank you for all the comments its nice to now im not the only one dealing with this

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Yes, this is my second day as a seller and I received two suspicious messages offering to ■■■■■.I’m glad I found this post. Thanks, for the heads up.

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Yea… the first couple of weeks I was on I got bombarded with scammers! I just started reporting as spam and also replying with " no, I don’t communicate outside of fiverr." Just saying that statement in a message on this platform has worked for me too. Before I can even flag, there is a notice that CS is reviewing the conversation and then confirmation that the offending buyer is no longer available!
Once I started getting orders, the spammer/scammers messages went waaaay down.

report & block him :slight_smile: