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Scaming buyer report

I got a buyer who wanted an outline of a grand proposal for 5$ arguing that he just started an NGO. As soon as I deliver the job he argued that the job is poorly done and started a dispute for cancelation I first refused but I was coming with bad comments so I aggreed to mutually cancel the order (it was only 5$). But nw I think that the buyer just did not want to pay since he got what he wanted and even more (because I did more than it was asked since it was an NGO). I think it is a strategy to get the job done for free. How do I report him so does not do the same thing to other sellers?


You can’t report him because you agreed to the cancel. That’s OK, many folks have done it at one time. The key is to just say no. Assuming you did what was outlined in the gig, there is no reason to cancel. Otherwise you get taken advantage of. The TOS even backs you up on this.