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Scamm attempts?

Hi, ihad two experiences recently…

In first one, I have received varios messages from same user, i answered without download the file he sent me, because i have read a lot of stories about users sending files to steal your info or account… and this looks very suspicios, because this user sent me the same message several times with minutes of difference… I think that the messages looks as automated, i did not download the file, but i answered him and he did not respond… After that i reported, somebody has have same experience??

The second thing that happened to me recently is another user telling me that he will promote my gigs for free in a book, and he asked me to download a file and return to him with the questions… it looked suspicious and i told him that i have not office word installed in my computer, i asked him to send me questions in my inbox an again he did nor respond…

Anybody had same kind of messages?

I understand that macro viruses can be hidden in various text & document files. From the sneaky behavior of the message senders, I think you were correct to be cautious, especially since both of them sent you unsolicited files. If these people were legitimate, they would’ve gladly communicated further with you. Since they didn’t, I believe you did the right thing.

Good for you for being cautious!

Reply to @celticmoon: Yes, i hope all buyers take care from this kind of situations…

Reply to @celticmoon: I mean sellers…

fiverr needs to have some kind of virus/malware protection on here then if people are sending malicious things via attachments.

Reply to @lorena72:

I totally agree. Welcome to the jungle!

You can tell I’m green because I would’ve opened them. :slight_smile:

Like bachas85 said, we have to be responsible for our own devices, Fiverr has to take care of their own servers. If you’re using a computer, you should have anti-virus software AND update the virus definitions all the time. I once had a virus that got into the BIOS, totally destroyed the hard drive, because I slacked off on keeping my virus software up-to-date and a new one slipped in. I used to design websites then & lost hundreds of original templates I’d created. Heartbreaking.

So, better safe than sorry!