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Scammed $450 by Cancelling a Month After Delivery


I first received a $290 to write research material regarding construction. I repeatedly asked if this was academic work, and was told that this work was strictly reference material.

I worked on it for a couple days when the buyer’s account (let’s call him Lump) was deleted and the $290 order was cancelled. Soon after, another buyer, Rump, ordered a different $155 Gig, saying he was a partner with Lump in their company requiring the research material. He told me to work on the $290 essay, still, and that his partner would pay soon.

I said I needed a payment before I would work, and Lump eventually made a new account in the coming days, which totaled $295. I LOL’d at the five dollar tip and at the end of the excursion I EVEN received a 5-star review.

Then, I’m roughly estimating a month later, I check my inbox to find TWO cancellations. I checked on my account and there was zero notification. I extremely foolishly assumed that these orders were from prior items, and left it be.

Now, two days ago, the third $155 cancellation thankfully was caught by me, also not inside of my notification or dashboard to review. I would’ve appreciated a link of some sort to the order that was cancelled.

Anyway, the thing was that the email I did get said "A dispute was opened via PayPal for your order FO5ADFE52483: write a concise and ORIGINAL 250 words. As a result, we have to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work.

If the dispute is resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your Gig."

I’m amazed that, despite all these orders officially saying “You earned $___” because they had been delivered and went through the 3-day time frame, all were allowed to be cancelled a month later. With zero notification to me. Again, one order literally had a review that was positive already. Five stars, in fact.

I have filed a complaint. When I click to the link it says “Oops” and my account doesn’t show it, but I’m just hoping good karma pans out for me.

But this is all a little insane. You think once the order clears you’re safe from any negotiation. But apparently, the longer a buyer waits, the EASIER it is to cancel. whattttt im ded.

Has anyone else experienced any Lump’s or Rump’s? I’m honestly not even sure if they’re all one big Bump, and that this guy just made multiple personalities. To preserve realism?

Edit: I’m at awe. I woke up today and all my funds were restored. Reading up on other cases, I assumed mine wasn’t solvable, as in a credit card fraud. In fact, I actually missed one of the fraudulent cancellation, as it was a little further back, and this was also resolved. Apologies for sounding a bit spiteful in my post- I was letting off a bit of steam (I edited this post due to this). Thanks Fiverr team!


As I stated in another post, I think the people who claim through paypal try to use item not received. Basically we offer services that are not tangible and when someone claims an item was not received paypal will ask for a tracking number which is not possible to provide.


Can the order number not serve as the tracking number? Are they so different?


I think this is not the case anymore, @eoinfinnegan shared in an older post that the paypal TOS has been changed and that they now cover services too.
I think…


Really! That’s actually awesome, because I think Paypal has a 180-day thing. However, I haven’t seen any money withdrawn from my Paypal… Only on my Fiverr account.


No, they can, it’s just that I falsely made an assumption due to how difficult it was to actually find a number rather than giving the username of the person who cancelled.


@armer Yes I read the post but I think that would apply if when launching the claim, the buyer states it was a service. But what if the buyer states it was an item? This is only my thought it might not be true but that is how I think buyer launch most of the claims.
@rainny_writer Well the order number is generated when you purchase and the tracking number after the item is shipped. The seller generated the order number while the shipping company generates the tracking number.
@imagidraggies Fiverr gives you a chance to work out the negative balance they won’t take the money from your paypal not unless they really have to.


Have you experienced this? Did you find a solution?


You are right… but when buyers will pay using paypal on fiverr the system will not ask them if it’s service or product. It will be checked automatically by the system.
Because that choice option show up only when they send money and not when they make a payment.


Paypal didn’t take money from my balance. Fiverr took money from my Fiverr balance, which makes me assume that this was Fiverr’s dispute.


You will not see any money withdrawn from your paypal because the buyer paid fiverr to make the order… so the dispute was generated on Fiverr paypal and not yours.
Then, fiverr to get its money back they compensate from your fiverr balance and not from your paypal.


Oh, thanks for the clear-up. That means that Fiverr could open a dispute, then! The money isn’t totally lost!


@armer There are several people who offer rare gigs that include shipping actual items to the buyer. Paypal never asks if someone if buying a service or a tangible product but when someone asks for a refund the system will ask if the item was a service or a product.
@imagidraggies No I haven’t experienced this but the only solution is to contact support and ask them the next step to take, they are the best to guide you.


OK, thank you. This is really helpful.


Thank you for the clarification, but at least there is a chance to win the dispute when fiverr prove that was a service and not a product and when a paypal agent verify the process.
What do you think about that please?


Not opening a dispute but represent you to solve the dispute made by the buyer on paypal.


When it comes to paypal anything is possible, proving it was a service is one thing. Proving the service was delivered is another. Fiverr has however managed to recover funds in the past. Rare but still possible
Check this one


Yes that’s what we hope.
At least there is a chance now after the new TOS.
Thank you for the link.


This post should tell you a bit about chargebacks and how to handle them.