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Scammed again by buyer/Fiverr support

Just wrote a paper for a buyer. Was for $35. Took about 4 hours of work. Delivered it. The buyer had a high rating and had been on the site for years. They downloaded the paper, then made up a really easy to see fake excuse about it not being good enough. They said it didn’t have a summary when there was a paragraph titled summary. Support decided to cancel the order for the buyer. Half a days work wasted and another half a day of stress dealing with it and the incompetent and crooked support team here. The buyer was even putting down “English speakers” in the messages we were having and support still sided with them. I don’t see how hard it is for support to make buyers honor their contracts. Especially when it’s really easy stuff for them to vet like looking if there’s a paragraph titled “Summary”.

Writing papers is against the ToS so Fiverr isn’t going to side with you on this. Even if it isnt an academic paper, it sure sounds like it is by how you’re describing it. If you want their support, follow the ToS. A policy can’t protect you if you appear to breaking it yourself.

Also if you do something that takes 4 hours for $35, you’re going to attract scammers and incompetent buyers.

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