Scammed By a Buyer


Is it me or is there anybody else who got scammed here? Well actually my problem is that I trust people so, easily. There was that guy that had ordered directly from my package, his work was more than the gig mentioned. I told him to cancel the order and make a custom offer for more money but he said that he won’t get the refund of the initial tax of buying something. He said he will add the extra 15$ in the tip, when the order is completed. But right after I deliver his work, he doesn’t even leaves a review and vanishes, he is online all the time but doesn’t respond to my messages.
Cruel World isn’t it?


Another option you could have used is to add an offer to the order when it was in progress that said “I will do…” and with a price to that. If the buyer then accepted that offer you could have done the additional work (above what the normal gig offered). If he didn’t accept the offer, you could have done just what was described in the gig he ordered.


You can always offer extra in your open order.


I actually didn’t knew about add-ons until this. He simply told me that he would cancel it otherwise. It isn’t even a tiny bit of fair, that people ask heavy things for small money and then black mails to cancel orders. And it only deducts our completion rate and our path to go to the next level.


Nobody’s scammed you - they just haven’t left a feedback yet - it’s no big deal.

It’s not a cruel world on Fiverr - you just need to know when not to be taken for a ride,and that standing up for yourself is necessary sometimes. :wink:


@tom_alfredo_69 It’s good that you are aware to always work on a task equal to your value.

However, in times like that, DO NOT EVER OFFER TO CANCEL coz if you do, that means loss of revenue on your part as a seller and of course, your completion rate will be affected.

Instead, you can do any of the following:

  1. Use the “Visit the Resolution Center” button on the order page, and submit a request for the additional but be sure to explain why briefly and politely.
  2. Use the “Offer More Extras” button on the order page and send the client the additional & make sure to explain why briefly and politely.
  3. You can also ask the buyer to place another order worth the additional.

If the buyer does not agree with the additional, then tell him or her that you can only work proportionate to the amount he or she paid.


Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hope for the best, he might review the work and TIP you… Let’s wait :slight_smile:


Yes i have few experience like that. We can’t do much about that. we can’t cancel because it will effect our rating. So either we have to settle for low price or cancel the order and get a plenty.