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Scammed by a seller and costumer service ruled in their favor

So I’m screwed up or there is anyone else I can talk to?

Don’t think so.
Can you explain the issue in a better way?

If you explained your awful situation to CS as well as you have here, I’m having problems understanding why you’re surprised.

How were you scammed, why was it a scam, which part of TOS supports your claim, did you make every amend possible etc?

Or did you just give up to bitch and whine like now? That’s probably why you lost. C’mon man. I know by talk you mean “whine”. Whining gets people nowhere.

As Emmaki said in her colorful way, the way you explain your problem counts for everything. Learn to explain clearly and in detail when there is a problem with a buyer.

If the customer support team ruled in the sellers’ favor, there must be some serious reason behind it.

Buyers do have a lot of issues and problems, they need a solution