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Scammed By Another Buyer


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(note. … i wrote this without reading all threads LOL) lol people will take advantage if they can. … sometimes i let it happen on purpose. I call it producing residual income work. … it’ll come back to me =) right along with me asking them for a tip!

oh lol yeah you’ve gotta put your foot down. … im learning believe me!

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LOL its o.k. we all have issues :stuck_out_tongue:

im done!


Reply to @alliemadison12: hi allie. … im a fan :slight_smile: dont get mad at me… just wondering (if you dont mind) if you’d give me your opinion on how I could improve my gigs. … orders, views, more money!!! :slight_smile: thank you so much in advance! && keep up the great work =)


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Wow! I can’t believe this thread is still active.

I’ll throw my .02 into the ring.

First, I think issues like these should be addressed between the 2 parties via PM. Clear communication can solve most problems. Looks like the seller jumped the gun and posted a rant on this board BEFORE trying to resolve the issue directly with the buyer. This entire fiasco on this forum is the result.

After reading the thread, I feel like the buyer was pretty clear in this case. I didn’t find anything that hinted he was trying to scam anyone. As a seller myself, here and on other markets like eBay, my radar is very sensitive to potential scammers - so I totally understand the feeling. I just don’t think that’s the case here. Again, a few PMs probably could have cleared up this entire issue without airing dirty laundry on the forum.

The buyer clearly wrote in the previous thread the seller started about being scammed that he wanted to give her a chance and was willing to work with her. I just can’t imagine someone saying that and then going to scam the seller.

Finally, I think the seller is really selling herself short here. $5 for an hour of work? People in retail make a better hourly wage. She should revamp her gigs so she’s getting a better rate for the work done. I have no doubt she’s a good seller, just a few tweaks to her gigs can make a big difference.

This is just my .02, so take it for what it’s worth. Hopefully it can be resolved amicably and with no hard feelings. Let cooler heads prevail.


Hello. I’ve heard a couple people outside of this forum say they have customers stealing their work. They upload their work and deliver it, the customer denies ask for refund while they already have the work and use it. I’m wondering how you guys protect your work from scammers like this? Would watermarks be appropriate until they agree they are happy with the product? Suggestions please :slight_smile:


Most of this could have been prevented if the seller would have responded with an estimate of how much of the project might get done in an hour and then also alerted the buyer when the first hour was complete. Sellers need to set the expectation not assume a buyer should know how long it takes you to do something.

Another way I’ve seen this problem successfully avoided is for the ad to encourage messaging for an estimate before purchase. It helps the buyer to plan their budget and avoids cancelled gigs.

A lot of new self-employed make mistakes of under-pricing and under-estimating how long a project will take. There’s a learning curve! Not fair to get resentful of your customers when you’re the one in charge of setting your service rates and terms though.


Nice point!