Scammed by Buyer...Helped by Fiverr



This might be a long read.

But it is crucial that I lay the facts bare.

This buyer (fragglesrock) bought a gig from me to write two articles. ($5)

He also purchased a gig extra for me to submit to Ezine Articles for him ($10)

He then sent me this message

“Please cancel this order, because i ordered the resource box + submission to my account. i will transfer these topics to my other order”.

I cancelled the order.

Proof Here Order fragglesrock Cancelled

Mistakenly I still went ahead to write his 2 articles and sent them to him.

The gig was still live in the Manage Sales Section, I did not really recall his ID when I wrote the articles.

I realized this only after I had written the 2 articles and submitted to him.

I checked the cancelled section and found that only $5 was refunded and not $10.

I was surprised when the same seller still sent me a message asking why I did not submit to Ezine Articles and threatened with negative feedback. (called me an fragglesrock too)

1/ This was the same guy that asked for the gig to be cancelled.

2/ Inasmuch as only $5 was returned to him, he was still short by $5 if he wanted me to submit his articles to EA.

In no time at all he had sent me a “cancel order”. I asked to “keep the order” and $20 was deducted instead.

When I asked for the order to be cancelled, when he sent me a message, Fiverr returned $5 and kept $10 in my account.

They should have returned his complete $15.

The guy fraudulently asks for a cancellation after getting the articles. I try to keep the order and the guy gets $20 instead of a 5 bucks balance from his incomplete gig extra money.

And I lose $15!

What should I do?


Good luck with customer support. They don’t actually “help”. They’ll just say, "Because you did this and they did that, there’s nothing we can do. Sorry."

They don’t even try to work with you.


Reply to @scottstoked:

I don’t agree with this statement AT ALL. They really take care of such issues.


They were no help when I had an agressive buyer leave negative and totally rubbish feedback stating I had done something I hadnt, just said we can’t help, talk with buyer, which clearly wasn’t working. His negative feedback knocked my 100% rating and looked bad on my account, it really affected my sales for a few months, only just starting to recover. I can’t say fiverr customer service has been that good to me


Nice to know some people have had a good experience. The two times I really needed their help, they didn’t even TRY.


I hope their CS can really help. I will be ranting as I’ve just recently been scammed by this seller (byoskii)

This seller has impressive rating so I decided to order 2 gigs.

However, he was LATE in delivering and when he did, I lost the subscribers after 3 days!!! Just after the order was completed.

I wouldn’t really care much about the money but I just don’t want him to keep scamming many other people since my feedback is not reflected on his profile.

Please, FIVERR, do something about this!!!


Reply to @proactivehelp: you can leave bad feedback!