Scammed By Buyer. Sellers beware of this scam


A buyer contacted me and wanted to know if I could make some phone calls and find out some information for them. They wanted me to find the contact information for about a dozen different companies. Then, they wanted me to find out who handled issues about the company’s logo copyright. Then, they wanted me to contact that person and ask how someone could get permission to use that company’s logo on a personal website or page. After I had this information, I was to deliver it to the customer.

The customer purchased 7 gigs. One gig for each hour they wanted me to work on this. I got started right away. I put in two hours worth of work and found the information needed from a few of the companies on the list. I sent that information and full reports to the customer for 2 gigs. Half an hour after I delivered the first 2 gigs, the customer refused them and asked for modification. The buyer stated that they would not accept anything unless they actually got permission from all of the companies on the list to use those companies logos on their webpage. That, obviously, wasn’t the deal that we had initially agreed upon. I redelivered booth gigs. The customer requested cancellation of all of the ordered gigs.

End result, I got scammed and won’t get paid for the 2 gigs I completed and the customer received about half of the information they wanted for free. Heads up fellow sellers, if you get offered a similar job…don’t waste your time.



Very unfortunate. Live and learn. :slight_smile:


oh to be a sheep again… I remember my first customer I think I put in 10 hours for that $4 that I had to refund… those were the days


Peggy Sue, if the discussion is clear and documented. And there were no such conditions (as well they’re shouldn’t be) fiverr would support you and not let the person leave a negative/make you return the funds.

People cannot “just add” requirements to you.


Also, thank you for being “cool” and not mentioning the buyer’s name!


Fiverr should stand behind you and NOT issue them a refund. DO NOT accept a cancellation and DO NOT accept a refund. Forward your initial agreement to Customer Support and demand (nicely) that you get paid for the work you agreed to and did. Scammers like this are a dime a dozen and need to be called out (not by name) and held responsible.


I did contact customer service. However, I was told that they could do nothing to force the buyer to accept the work and could not control what expectations the buyer had. So, I guess Buyers can “just add” expectations after you deliver, and request modifications, cancellations, and refunds even if you did a great job, just so they get free work done.


Actually, they should be called out by name, if it were real. Keep in mind there are hundreds of other websites like fiverr. Please put a clearer picture of yourself up.




That’s not AT ALL fair of fiverr to side with something as LAME as that!




Customer support has been incredibly unhelpful lately. A buyer left inaccurate feedback and they removed it about 10 times. I finally asked for them to just cancel the order altogether, and Fiverr refuses.




Keep getting the negative feedback removed and sooner or later

support will get tired of it LOL!





It is really bad feeling when you get nothing after doing hard work like you did get. Buyer should understand that seller do hard work for them.